The Boxing Body Transformation Stream is 
Your Ticket To An Incredible Body

Inspiring Boxing Body Transformations
Note:  These are NOT Commando Boxing clients.  They are simply examples of people who have discovered what boxing can do for them - and what it can do for you.

Super effective, step-by-step, boxing based, mentored body transformations.  

Fat to burn, muscle to gain, and boxing skills to learn.  You in?

Have you ever looked at a boxer and noticed how incredibly lean and muscular they are and thought that you might like that kind of body?

And have you never done anything about it - because well, you doubt you can because you're too old, too young, too out-of-shape, too weak, too whatever... and basically have no idea how or where to start?

In the Commando Boxing Body Transformation (CBBT) Program, I use boxing and military style workouts and Precision Nutrition nutritional strategies to help men and women transform the way they look and feel. 

They are all ordinary people, usually with little to no boxing training. They are busy with work, family, and life. They may even have an old injury or two.  And after just 12 weeks, they are healthier, stronger, and leaner than they ever thought possible.

CBBT focuses on one proven principle: its one you can use today, no matter where you're at, whether you sign up for the program or not. So, if you want to transform your body - read this page from beginning to end because in it I will share this essential principle and tell you exactly how to succeed.

Total body transformations for everyone. That's my mission.  And my Commando Boxing Body Transformations (CBBT) are the result of years of combat training and boxing experience.

Coach Aaron

At the very core, I help people save themselves from misery and pain.  I challenge them to start living and make them believe that getting in shape is not only possible - but easier than they might think.  And I guarantee everything I do.  If you don't get the body you want, I give you all your money back.  It's that simple.

The Executive Summary

  • 12-week training and nutrition program for regular people looking to transform their body using boxing and military style workouts to get lean and strong
  • Active duty infantry officer, Precision Nutrition certified, and boxing coach as your mentor and instructor
  • Daily step-by-step guidance, support, and accountability to keep you on track and consistent
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    Private website exclusively for Commando Boxing clients
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    Detailed nutrition instruction based on the Precision Nutrition system to sort out your eating habits
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    Complete boxing and military style training program that speeds up the transformation, increases confidence and keeps you motivated
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    Private messaging and chat support with guaranteed responses from your coach
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    Only $149 to start then a recurring $129 every three months for as long as you want to remain a client. Put your name on the presale list to register at a discount. You can stop anytime - no contracts.
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    Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed. After 12 weeks if you are not healthier, leaner, and stronger than you ever thought you would be - the program is completely free.
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    Not everyone gets a spot. I limit participation to keep group size manageable. Put your name on the presale list for your chance at securing a spot at a discount for the next cohort starting soon.


  • You're between 16 and 65 years old
  • You're busy and want a time-respecting program that fits into your life
  • You've got some fat to lose
  • You want to gain some more muscle while getting lean and ripped
  • You want to learn how to box and use military and boxing style training to transform your body
  • You want a Commando Body - one that has very little fat, lots of muscle, that looks and works great


  • Boxers looking for skill training to competeCBBT covers basic boxing training to enable new boxers to use boxing techniques in their body transformations. It is a useful program to improve your level of conditioning while learning boxing skills, but if you want to compete - you need a trainer to work with you in person.
  • Bodybuilders, fitness competitors, or models who already possess very low body fat unless you're looking to add some boxing and military style training to your training plan.

16 years of infantry experience. 20 years of boxing experience.  One goal...and one question...

In that time, the methods I've used may have changed, but the end goal has always been the same...achieve peak physical fitness.

Because of that, I get bombarded constantly with one question by friends, family, and people I run into on the street. They may not ask it directly, but they always want to know...

What Works?

And it's a very valid question - and the answer is essential for any body transformation. People ask it for a variety of reasons:

  • out of genuine curiosity and desire to learn
  • because they're frustrated after trying many things that didn't work
  • they're just plain confused and overwhelmed
  • because they are afraid of screwing up
  • they don't have the patience to figure it out themselves
  • or because they can't figure out who is telling the truth and who isn't

I think that anyone who has tried to better themselves at anything has asked themselves "What Works?" many times in their journey.

And they've likely experienced the same emotions and feelings. I know I have. From trying to put on muscle, to training and completing a 125km Death Race, to fighting my first amateur boxing match, to coaching, to writing, and starting Commando Boxing.

My answer to the question of "What Works?" is probably not what you're expecting me to say.

Is This the Answer You Think You Want?

I'm going to tell you my actual answer, but first, ask yourself - if we met on the street and you could ask me "What Works?" - what would you want me to say? Perhaps...

  • I take this incredible supplement that burns fat and builds muscle with hardly any time in the gym
  • I was given a prescription (or not) for this miracle drug that gave me the body you're looking at
  • I do a special exercise or training that hardly anyone knows about that gets me ripped when I'm working out and when I'm not
  • I rediscovered a food that humans forgot about in their modern diet that regulates weight and solves every disease known to man too

Well, if any of that was the answer, then a lot more people would be in shape and looking good on the beach. The massive billion dollar nutritional supplement industry would be out of business and skyrocketing health care bills would be a thing of the past.

It still doesn't stop people from wishing, dreaming, and taking these "magic" pills or following "magic" programs and the majority of them have not changed their body at all. In some cases, it's probably worse.

I Do Things Differently at Commando Boxing

I realize you probably don't know me, but if you've been following me at all on the web, then you know I don't preach miracle transformations.

I am glad you found Commando Boxing and when you do get to know me better - you'll realize that I'm totally up-front and honest about "What Works?"...and here's the truth...

There is no miracle cure, pill, or routine that will transform your body. How you eat, train, and what nutritional supplements you take all play a huge rule in any body transformation and how fast it works. Of course, that means you do need to know what and how much to eat, how to train, and what supplements might help. And, I teach it all to you in the Commando Boxing Body Transformation Stream.

But - knowing all of that stuff is not what is most important...

There is one thing, that if you learn it, accept it, and act on it - it will lead to a total body transformation faster than you can imagine.

Are you ready - here's that lesson:

"Those who experience the most success in all areas of life are the ones who actively seek mentorship and accountability."

The Impact a Mentor Can Have

Those who succeed find someone to show them the way and keep them accountable. This fact has been studied, proven, and validated.

Precision Nutrition is a research-driven nutritional coaching company (where I got my certification) and they did some testing on their thousands of clientele to figure out how much of an impact mentorship and social factors (external accountability, social support, etc.) actually have on a person’s ability to reach their fat loss goals.

They asked their clients to rate their happiness with their physique on a scale from 1 to 5 ranging from extremely unhappy to extremely happy and then compared those responses to what they knew about their clients to see where the linkages were.

The results were definitive.

First, there wasn't a significant difference in nutritional knowledge between those who had achieved their goal and were extremely happy and those who hadn't and were extremely unhappy - they all knew what needed to be done - as they were all taught how to do it.

The deciding factor was evident when they were asked if "they ever had regular mentorship (at least 3 months of constructive and impartial feedback and direction on a near daily/continuous basis) from someone who was in the exact shape you wanted to be in?"

Mentorship and Happiness

Extremely Happy

Regular Mentorship

Extremely Unhappy

Extremely Unhappy



That's significant and you should think about that if you're planning on going through a body transformation. Knowing what you need to do is not enough. You need to find someone who's done what you want to do and get them to guide you, coach you, and hold you accountable.

If you already have someone in your social circle that can do that for you - then use them!

If you don't - find one immediately!

What Mentorship Has Meant to Me

I have three examples to share of how mentors have helped me.

Example 1
Thanks Ryan

I struggled all of my teen years and most of my twenties to put on mass which was always a major goal of mine. Thankfully, I joined the Army (at age 27) and met some guys who obviously knew how to put on mass. One in particular, Ryan, changed my whole mindset of what it took to pack on the muscle. As we were both locked in the same basic training program - we worked out together, we ate together, and we pushed each other. After three months, I was the heaviest and fittest I had ever been and it's because of the mentorship that Ryan provided me.

Example 2
Thanks Tate

My second mentor took awhile to find.  I became interested in boxing rather late at the age of 24 and attended a few gyms trying to learn the sport.  Those gyms, quite frankly, failed - often leaving me to try and figure things out on my own.  They certainly did not provide much assistance or help.  Despite that - I still managed to muddle through things and pick up the basics.  Eventually, I did find someone who was interested in actually coaching me and not simply collecting my money each month.  Tate introduced me to a whole new world of boxing.  I learned more from him in a few months than I did in the years prior and ended up in the ring fighting my first amateur match.  He taught me what it was to be a boxer, to train like a boxer, and fight like a boxer.

Example 3
Thanks Dennene

The last story is a little more recent. In 2012, I decided I wanted to run an ultra marathon and chose the Canadian Death Race - a 125km run over 3 mountain peaks in the Canadian Rocky mountains. You have 24 hours to complete it. While I did do most of the training on my own - I learned from my previous experiences that the fastest way to get ready for the race was to find someone who had been there and done that. I found Dennene who not only helped me in my preparations, but came out to the race to act as my support crew - something that is essential in a race of that length. I know that without her experience and guidance, I would not have finished that race. As it was, I did and became very aware of exactly how far I can push my body.

In every story you will notice - that my mentor showed me "what to do" much faster than I could ever have figured it out on my own - if I could have ever figured it out on my own. Without their help, I'd still be the 135lb weakling I was lifting light weights in the gym, likely have given up boxing, and wouldn't even be able to fathom what it takes to run 125km...

I know I have other stories in other areas of my life where a mentor has meant the difference between success and failure. I've been very lucky to have people take such an interest in me and I truly am thankful and grateful to all of them. Even this website and program are the result of mentors - without them - it wouldn't be here now.

Unfortunately, I know that I am somewhat unique in my experiences. Over the years and my time working with people online and in person it has become increasingly apparent...

Not everyone has had the opportunity to work with great people who want to mentor them to achieve their goals - or even have support of any kind for that matter...

I get a lot of emails from people wondering how to do this or that. It's funny, because they are questions that back in the day, a guy like Ryan in the gym would answer. Us skinny out of shape guys would walk over to someone who obviously knew what they were doing and ask and often that guy would be only too happy to answer.

Not anymore... it seems more and more people are out there for themselves and people feel intimidated talking to others who might know what they are doing.

So what do we do? We all turn to the web and start researching through a mountain of articles and content trying to figure out what is true and what isn't. We find too much and we find contradictory instruction.

Don't you wish that you could simply ask someone - a real flesh and blood human being that knows what they are talking about and can make it easy to understand?

Don't you wish you could ask someone "What Works?"

Last Word on Mentorship and Accountability

If you are fortunate to have a mentor in mind, then I'm encouraging you and telling you to take advantage of it right now.

I'm not joking. If you know someone that has done what you want to do, has been successful at it and maintained it, and is willing to coach you through your body transformation, then call them up, get together with them and get to work. Soak up every ounce of knowledge you can from them and put it into action. I promise you that that simple act will make all the difference in helping you achieve your body transformation.

But - even if you don't have access to someone like that - you do now.

It's called the Commando Boxing Body Transformation Stream. And I created it so that I could be your mentor no matter where you are in the world - 24/7 - to help you make your body transformation.

If you want a Commando body - to be completely transformed with added muscle and less fat - in record time, then you need someone there with you every step of the way - someone who has helped people just like you make their transformations.

That's what I do at Commando Boxing and I'm good at it. If you bring the desire and effort, I'll get you to where you want to be as fast as possible.

What Others Are Saying


A Boxer's Body

Heres a little bit of progress in my current training. The before picture was when I just started training after a few months of doing my own unorganized light training consisting of sloppy heavy bag work and 12 pack consumption. 4 weeks later is present. As you can see this shit is real. If you wanna get your fat ass in shape get ahold of him and get ready to work hard and get ready to crack some heads open.


Better Than a Gym

Aaron, Just came across your site tonite and it's very impressive. I've never been one thats been into the whole "health club" workout, so your site is a welcome relief. I boxed as a kid (i'm 42 now) and have always kept up some kind of boxing training over the years. I'm in Southern California, and there are very few boxing gyms nearby, so I have a heavy bag in the garage and do it all at home. Thanks for all the great workout routines and discriptions, punches, etc. and keep up the good work.



Im here because I'm almost 30, I'm obese, I have 2 boys looking up to me to be a roll model. As a mother I could be doing better. So that's why I'm here. I doubt you wanted my life story, just my motivation.


Beginning Boxing

I was always very athletic. After I was sick and had to have surgery my senior year of highschool that took away a lot of my scholarships and people interested in me playing for their team. A year after graduating, I decided to join the Marine Corp. Well, a week away from bootcamp and they tell me I've been disqualified from that same surgery that stopped me from gaining scholarships. After years of doing nothing with my life through journeys of self pity and then self realization I learned that I can do whatever I put my mind to. I live in a small town where NO ONE boxes. I was going to be a combat engineer with the Marine Corp. I am very interested in learning how to fight, how to defend, how to center my anger and use it for good, I also am way too competitive to be sitting on the sidelines for this long. I want to be the best female boxer the world has seen.

How Does Commando Boxing Compare to Your Other Options

Well Commando Boxing is unique  - but other options you might consider:

Do It Yourself Option

And how's that working for you?

Don't get me wrong - when we have a problem our natural inclination is to find a solution and do it ourselves. We tell ourselves that we don't need any help - we've got it covered.

So we start researching and reading and basically try to inform ourselves into shape, inspired by those one-of stories of guys and gals that did manage to transform themselves on their own.

Unfortunately, those one-of stories are not the norm. For every one guy or gal that manages to transform his or her body permanently on their own, there are 10 or 20 in the wings who failed miserably.

There's a reason for this. When you read and research and understand the theory and concepts of fitness you are training a part of your brain that has nothing to do with the everyday things you need to do to actually make the transformation. That pre-frontal cortex is great for thinking about stuff, but it's your limbic system that governs what you do. The limbic system is your ancient brain - the one that runs on instinct and evolved on emotional response. It's the one that will make you eat a tub of ice-cream or skip today's workout seeking immediate pleasure.

You have a limited amount of willpower and when it runs out, your limbic system will rule. You need someone to help you overcome your limbic tendencies and retrain it with immediate feedback and accountability. The good news is that once it's done, it works in your favour as easily as it worked against you.

The Personal Trainer Option

When it comes to body transformation - 95% of the personal trainers out there miss the mark because they know next to nothing about nutrition so even the best training plans are nothing more than wasted effort.

As an example, one study showed the effect of training - 5 hours a week - with a personal trainer. 1% body fat was lost over 12 weeks. That's dismal. With a combined training and nutrition plan, one can expect to lose as much as 6-12% body fat or even more in that same amount of time.

Unfortunately most personal trainers focus on the training and forget/are not trained in nutritional coaching techniques.

What Makes Commando Boxing Different?



I've been where you are and done what you want to do. I've spent the last 16 years in the Infantry jumping out of planes and pushing myself to ever higher levels of physical fitness. I've spent the last 20 years training for and coaching boxing. I've competed in ultra marathons, amateur boxing, military iron-mans, a variety of physically demanding military challenges both domestically and abroad and know what it takes to make the kind of changes you want to make.

I've literally spent a significant portion of my life preparing to be your mentor - and now I can be.



While I am here to provide mentorship and coaching, you can start your journey with a small group of like-minded individuals all looking to transform themselves. That's an essential component of any success story. They say that you are the product of the five people around you - so surrounding yourself with people seeking the same goal is paramount to your success. You will lean on them as a source of support when you have questions, frustrations, or are celebrating small victories. You essentially get a new group of close friends.

With the other people in your group and me - you are never alone. We all believe in your ability to transform where other people in your life may not. It's natural for friends, family, and loved ones to unknowingly sabotage your progress in order to keep you average. There are others who will be openly hostile and cheering you on to failure. That's why it's so important to have the group support you get in this program - people you can turn to when issues come up - and they will.

Sooner or later you will experience tremendous pressure to forget about your new habits, your workouts, or your nutrition habits and return to old ways of doing things. That's precisely when you need people who have gone through the same thing and emerged on the other side stronger and happier to help you see it through and you'll need to know you're not alone and that others are going through the same thing you are - the CBBT program gives you both.



I don't know why - but most weight loss or muscle gain programs focus exclusively on the training or what to eat - but they never combine the two. It makes absolutely no sense because both are essential in a body transformation. Focusing on the training without fixing the nutrition will yield poor results and vice versa (although to a lesser extent) by focusing on nutrition and excluding the training.

I give you both - you get the training plan and you get the nutrition plan along with all the small life-changing habits, motivation, and tidbits you need along the way to realize your body transformation in the shortest time possible.

I realize that sounds a little overwhelming and like a lot to learn, but that's why...

I make it easy..

I know that giving you a book with a training plan, eating plan, and hundreds of little habits to do daily will be completely useless to you. Human beings do not work that way - you'll try to digest all the information and end up putting none of it into practice.

In the CBBT stream you need and get only one thing to do at a time. I determine what your focus needs to be and then get you focused on that one thing. It doesn't get any simpler. And when you've mastered that one thing - you'll get another, but only one at at time

One habit at a time...

One Change

Success Rate

Two or More

Success Rate

It's been studied and proven that when people are given one behaviour to change they can successfully do it over 80% of the time. However, when two or more behaviours are given to someone to implement their success rate drops to below 30% and each additional behaviour makes that success rate worse and worse.

Even when people try to keep it simple on their own and think they are changing one behavior - like taking a daily greens supplement - they are actually trying to change multiple behaviours. Think about it - it's not just the act of swallowing the greens supplement each day - it's also the behaviour of selecting a product, adding it to the shopping list, budgeting to buy it, buying it, getting it home and ensuring the supply never runs out to maintain consistency.

What seems like a simple behaviour might not be so simple - so we need to break it all down into one simple habit at a time to ensure lasting change.

I teach principles and habits...

I do not use diets and gimmicks. Because they don't work. When you learn principles and implement good habits your body will naturally change and it will be sustainable.

I rarely follow any type of written diet plan - usually only when I'm experimenting with something - but yet I maintain 10% body fat year round and achieve remarkable athletic feats. That's because the principles and habits that govern how I take care of my body result in the body I have - it's a permanent solution - not a quick fix that can disappear with the next meal.

I'll guide you through gradually changing your behaviours and implementing the principles and habits that will give you this kind of body as well. It virtually eliminates the possibility of failure.

I guide you to self-sufficiency

I'm sure you are a nice person - but I don't want you as a client for the rest of your life. I want you to learn this system so well that you don't need me anymore and instead can go out and mentor someone else through their body transformation (when you reach that point, I can even get you going with a business model and the online tools to match). 

Ultimately, I need you to control the process and believe it or not - you will - ensuring you remain healthy and in great shape for the rest of your life. And keen to help others achieve the happiness you found along the way.

Daily focus on fitness

If something is important, you'll naturally gravitate to it everyday. Eating and drinking is obviously important and you do it everyday. Sleeping is important and you do it everyday. I want you to make fitness just as important and a habit just as stuck in your head as eating, sleeping, or drinking. And it can be done.

You can't make fitness a 3 times a week affair. It's a daily thing - and things you do everyday will define how quickly and how far your body transformation goes.

It's up to me to get you to this point and I will by breaking it down into habits that you are 100% confident you can implement that will build on each other until you reach the tipping point - that point where fitness is a daily part of your life whether you realize it or not.

The 12 Week Boxing Training Plan

Pit two boxers against one another with equal amounts of skill and what determines the winner?Determination and conditioning.  

Boxers are some of the fittest all-round athletes on the planet.  To be a boxer, you'll need a level of fitness that allows you to go all out and smash your opponent for three minutes while still maintaining the ability to think.  You'll need to be able to recover in less than a minute between rounds and you'll need enough gas to go round after round until the final bell.  That kind of fitness requires a specific kind of training and that specific kind of training is incredibly effective for body transformations.

  • check
    12 weeks is long enough to make massive changes to your body.  The training you will do is periodized meaning it gradually builds you up to a level of fitness that far exceeds where you are at now.
  • check
    This training plan is progressive.  Ever four week block builds on the block before it to ramp up the intensity and focus.  Once you peak you transition to lower intensities before you ramp it all over again.  The cycle is designed so you can use it over and over again for continuous long-term improvement.
  • check
    This training plan is sequenced and integrates the boxing lessons you will learn.  Techniques progress from simple to more complex and everything is customizable to the level you are at.

You have options for how you want to interact with the training plan that range from an old school printable format that you print into a nice size book that you can take with you to the gym all the way up to mentored training through an online portal and mobile app.

About the Commando Boxing Body Transformation Stream

My program is different, so I think it's worthwhile to go into some detail to describe it and explain how it works the way it does. In short, I've developed a system (including boxing, nutrition, training, motivation, accountability, etc...) that allows me to guide you through your body transformation no matter where you live.

Here's how I'm different:

Orientation Course

Online training is not easy to stick to.  This quick orientation will help you set conditions that will lead to success while showing you all that is available at Commando Boxing.

Boxing Lessons

Continuously growing database of boxing lessons ranging from absolute beginner to more advanced topics that you can integrate into your training. 

Boxing Training Plan

Periodized, sequenced boxing training plan that ensures you have the strength, speed, power, body composition, stamina, and endurance to fight and win.

Video Coaching

As you learn new techniques, you're encouraged to upload videos that I can critique and offer constructive feedback on.  You'll want to know if you're doing things right.


Sometimes it's hard to stay motivated and focused.  My job is to eliminate distractions and get you to focus on what you need to do to make your transformation a reality.

Progress Tracking

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing before/after pictures side by side, measurements increasing or decreasing, or lessons checked off as complete.  You can track it all.

Mobile App

The mobile app is an awesome, easy way to track your workouts.  It makes it super easy to access and track your training  whenever/wherever you need it.

Messaging System

When you have a question, get answers.  You have unlimited access to me .  If you run into problems or need a little extra help, I'm here to get you back on track.

Drills and Techniques

An ever-expanding library of video boxing drills that are used in the training plan and can be used to customize your own training plans for yourself or your club.


I keep track of how you are doing and am alerted when you stray off track or don't show up.  I can gently nudge you back into action and help you address what's in the  way.

Nutrition Program

You will learn to eat using the Precision Nutrition System that I introduce to you one small step at a time to transition your eating to support your transformation.

Small Groups

I start with a small group of clients all wanting the same thing - a body transformation.  I am dedicated to making us a very close, supportive group all pursuing the same goal.

How Much Is This Investment in Yourself?

Let's break it down to see what's reasonable for 12 weeks of boxing specific training (84 days), but we'll subtract 24 days to account for rest/recovery days = 60 days at average of 1 hour training per day.  

A typical nutritional plan would cost about $80/initial assessment plus 8 consultations over the 12 weeks at $60/consultation.  

We'll assume all the progress tracking and tools (mobile apps, online videos, etc...) are free.

Scenario 1: One on One Boxing Training

  • One-on-One Boxing Trainer:  $50/hour x 1 hour x 60 days= $3000 
  • Nutritional Plan and Periodic Adjustments: $80/initial setup, $60 x 8 = $560  
  • Total for Training and Nutrition: $3560

Scenario 2: Join a Boxing Club

Instead of one-on-one boxing training - let's say you join a boxing club in your town and work out at home to improve your conditioning.  The local boxing club near me starts at $70/month which includes 2 x 1 hour lessons each week or 8 lessons (hours) per month. 

You're on your own to work on your conditioning but we'll assume you have the knowledge and desire to put together a comprehensive training plan for yourself.

At 8 hours/month - it will take 60/8 = 7.5 months to get the same amount of training as you would in 12 weeks with one-on-one training.  It's actually probably a little longer considering you're slower members of the class will dictate how much is covered in a day so we'll round up to 8 months.

We'll assume nutritional consultations stay about the same.

  • Boxing Club Membership:  $70/month x 8 months = $560 
  • Nutritional Plan and Periodic Adjustments: $80/initial setup, $60 x 8 = $560  
  • Total for Training and Nutrition: $1120

You're not going to pay $1000-$3500 for 12 weeks of training with nutritional guidance on Commando Boxing.  

My plans start at just $50 setup plus $79 for 3 months of training (dropping to $49 for 3 months after your first three months) and go up to $50 setup plus $149 for 3 months of training (dropping to $129 for 3 months after your first three months).

That works out to a $50 setup fee plus $16-26/month for self-guided body transformations and $50 setup fee plus  $43-50/month for fully mentored body transformations.  That includes all training, nutrition, and tools (less equipment) required to succeed.

Knowing people have different budgets, different expectations, and different levels of comfort when using technology, I've put together a couple of options for following the Boxing Skills Stream.  Here's a comparison of some of the more key features in each:




Commando Boxing Orientation Course


Unlimited Access to Boxing Lessons Database


Unlimited Access to Boxing Drills Repository


12 Week Boxing Training Plan


Unlimited Email Support


100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Interactive Clients Only Training Portal


Commando Boxing Mobile Boxing Training App


Online Progress and Goals Tracking


Priority Video Coaching


Small Group Support


Active Mentoring


Messaging System


Self-Guided vs Mentored

Self-Guided Boxing Body Transformation Stream

The Self-Guided version of the Boxing Skills Stream doesn't leave you completely on your own - you still have access to me via email whenever you want - however, it is old-school.  You'll be a member and have an account that you login to here on Commando Boxing.  This account is where you'll access all the boxing lessons, techniques, and drills.

The 12 week training plan is in PDF form.  It is designed to be printed into a nice small book that you can take with you to wherever you are training and record your workouts.  It's basically an offline version of the training plan.

Mentored Boxing Body Transformation Stream

The mentored version of the Boxing Body Transformation Stream uses technology to guide you through the training.  

Guided Training

You'll be guided through the training.

It includes everything you get with the self-guided version but also includes three months of access to an interactive online training portal where you'll be guided through the 12 week boxing training plan.  

It includes tools for online workout and progress tracking and a mobile app that makes it easy to interact with me and the training program.

NUTRITIONal tracking

You can track your nutritional intake.

As the saying goes - You can't out train a bad diet.  Eating right to support the training is critical to achieving results.  

I don't prescribe specific nutritional or meal plans in the Boxing Skills Stream but you are given the tools to monitor your nutrition intake so you can track and see what works best for your boxing performance.

The fact is that boxing training is super demanding.  You'll need to tweak your food intake in order to keep up with it.  By tracking and working towards nutrition goals, you'll have complete control over the ratio of fat to muscle on your body.

progress tracking

You'll see the results of your training

Boxing performance aside, there is nothing more inspiring or motivating than comparing what you look like now to what you will look like in 12 weeks.  The improvement in physique will be incredible.

I place a big emphasis on tracking progress.  If you can measure something you can tell if it's working or not.  If it's not, you then know to change it.  If it is - you stay the course.  That's how you achieve continuous improvement.


We'll interact throughout

I call this semi-mentored because I'm not checking in with you every day or driving you to complete the training, but I am helping you schedule things and am available for questions via the messaging system (more real-time).  

I'm also providing more feedback in the form of video coaching for videos you upload.  In short - there's more interaction, but the onus is still on you to move through and complete the training scheduled. 

Intro to Boxing


Hi Coach Aaron, Thank you very much for this opportunity. I have done some boxing training previously and am looking to get back into it. I would like to predominantly train at home, so I decided to start your course to help me do that, get my body in better shape and develop good mental habits about fitness and life in general. Regards, The Death Train

The Death Train

Choose Your Plan Below & Start the Stream Today:


Boxing Body Transformation 

$129 for first 13 weeks

$49 every 13 weeks after that

  • Unlimited Access to all of Commando Boxing's ever growing database of sequenced boxing lessons.
  • Unlimited access to all of Commando Boxing's ever growing database of boxing drills and techniques.
  • 3 month body transformation using our boxing training plan and Precision Nutrition System in an online training portal that includes progress tracking.
  • Exclusive Commando Boxing mobile app for Android/IOS for easy access and tracking of workouts and nutrition
  • Member of the Commando Boxing online boxing club.


Boxing Body Transformation 

$199for first 13 weeks

$129 every 13 weeks after that

($50 setup fee included in initial price)

  • Everything in the self-guided plan.
  • 3 month, fully mentored body transformation using boxing training and the Precision Nutrition system in an interactive online training environment.
  • Unlimited messaging with your trainer.
  • Priority video coaching to help you improve boxing techniques faster
  • Peer support as you become part of a close-knit and supportive group of people 
  • Opportunity to register at a discount if on presale list - spots in the stream are limited
  • Member of the Commando Boxing online boxing club.

Bottom line:  Do as I say and you'll transform your body.  I guarantee it.

My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Do as I say and 13 weeks from registration, you'll see a transformation - or it's free.  The fitness industry is the one place where it seems alright for people to pay for something and never receive it.  I believe that if you invest in my mentorship services, you should get what you pay for.  I know - it's a ridiculous concept (sarcasm intended).

I'm completely confident in my ability to help you transform your body - and you should be too.  So we're clear - it works like this:

  1. You give me 13 weeks from the date you register.
  2. You do what I tell you at least 80% of the time.

You will be learner, more muscular, stronger, healthier, and know a few boxing techniques.  And if you're not after following my direction, I'll write you a cheque for every penny that you spent.  I will do what I say in the time we are together and you get to decide if I did a good enough job.  It's that simple.


Here are answers to some common questions about Commando Boxing's Body Transformation Stream:

Am I going to have to buy a lot of equipment to learn how to box?

I can watch boxing videos on Youtube for free - why should I pay for these lessons and training?

Is boxing training actually effective?

Is the Boxing Skills Stream just boxing training or is there a nutrition plan as well?

Is the Boxing Body Transformation Stream suitable for women, age groups, skill levels, etc...?

I already own my own equipment and have experience with conditioning training - does the Boxing Body Transformation Stream take that into account?

How much time do I need to devote to training each day?

How long does it take to get access and start training after signing up?

How soon can I expect to see results?

What if I need help?

Lock in your Lowest Price - Keep Your Membership and the Price Will Never Go Up

The fact is that the value of Commando Boxing grows as more boxing lessons, content, training plans, and courses are added.  You think Commando Boxing is impressive now?  Imagine what it will look like in another year or two.

As tools are added and technology continues to improve how online training is delivered, the price for the body transformation training will inevitably go up.  As it already has done.  Several times. (in one form or another).

But here's the real kicker:

Once you're locked into the stream, you'll have the option to continue renewing your access at the same price.  The price never increases for YOU.  It only increases for new visitors who've not yet signed up.

Join  now and in the not too distant future, you'll find yourself using an advanced boxing training program and suite of training tools to transform your body for a fraction of the price others are paying for it!

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