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Accidental Butt

Nice Hematoma: An accidental butt by Holyfield caused Rahman to lose this fight. From Baltimore SunA butt, or head butt, is an intentional use of the head to inflict damage on your opponent.  An accidental butt lacks the intentional part that equation.  In other words, the head butt is an accident.So who cares about an […]


Also known as the ring name, a boxer’s alias is a nickname that usually describes the type of boxer he is.  Usually, the boxer will choose his own alias or ring name, but more often than not, it is a name that the press or others have attached to him or her that has stuck.The […]

Alphabet Soup

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, boxing associations and weight divisions were simple.  There was only a few sanctioning bodies and 8 weight divisions with one champion per division.  It was very clear who was the reigning champion.Then the 1980’s came and everything changed.  Sanctioning bodies sprung up all over the […]


The term amateur is not unique to boxing.  Most professional sports you can think of also have amateurs.  What distinguishes them from the professionals is that they do not get paid for what they do.  The highest honour in the amateurs is an Olympic Gold. In boxing, depending on the country, a boxer has a set […]

Bolo Punch

Once you’ve mastered the basic boxing punches, you may want to consider adding some other more advanced boxing techniques and punches into your repertoire.  The bolo punch is just such a technique. It is not used very often and for reasons you’ll soon learn, but if mastered can give you options in the ring. You’ll […]

Buckshot Punch

The buckshot punch was introduced to boxing in the 1930’s by William Lawrence “Young” Stribling Jr, a Georgian heavyweight.  Consisting of a left jab, then the slightest hesitation to feint a right, immediately followed by a full blown right cross, it became a trademark punch that earned him over 100 KOs.Stribling had 290 fights over […]

Low Blow

A low blow is any punch that falls below the beltline.1  In other words, if you punch someone in the gonads, the privates, the family jewels, the place where the sun don’t shine, etc… you have just given a low blow.In boxing, you get three hits before a point is deducted.  It is an illegal […]

Pivot Blow

The pivot blow is an illegal strike in boxing.  Last time it was used “legally” was in the 32nd round of an 1889 fight between the original Jack Dempsey and George LaBlanche.  LaBlanche actually used the pivot blow twice in this fight, first time in the 26th round landing a whipping right onto the neck […]

Rabbit Punch

A rabbit punch is an illegal punch where one of the boxers hits the other boxer in the back of the head. Hits to the kidneys/back are also sometimes referred to as rabbit punches.These are very dangerous hits and it makes perfect sense that they are illegal. Not only is the victim unaware of the […]

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