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The term amateur is not unique to boxing.  Most professional sports you can think of also have amateurs.  What distinguishes them from the professionals is that they do not get paid for what they do.

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Alphabet Soup

In the 1980s sanctioning bodies sprung up all over the place.  All it took was a manager or promoter with the fee and their boxer could be fighting for the XYZ world title.  Hence, fans and the media started to dub all of these dubious titles a mixture of letters - or alphabet soup.

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Also known as the ring name, a boxer's alias is a nickname that usually describes the type of boxer he is.  Usually, the boxer will choose his own alias or ring name, but more often than not, it is a name that the press or others have attached to him or her that has stuck.

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Accidental Butt

A butt, or head butt, is an intentional use of the head to inflict damage on your opponent.  An accidental butt lacks the intentional part that equation.  In other words, the head butt is an accident.

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