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Boxing training guides and boxing training tips and techniques. The best boxing training includes both boxing skills and physical and mental boxing conditioning to produce the ultimate boxer with a boxer's body and figher's mind.

Learn how to train and eat to become the best boxer you can be. Contact Coach Aaron with your question and it may get answered here.

Complete Guide to Greens Supplements

Greens supplements are becoming super popular and for good reason as far as supplements go.

More and more often, you'll encounter claims detailing how greens powders are the answer to the chronic fruit and vegetable intake deficiency you have or are your answer to losing weight and better health. That sounds super appealing when it means you don't have to eat your broccoli or (insert hated vegetable here).

When you see that kind of claim for a supplement, it's usually best just to click to something else, but in the case of greens supplements, there is actually some truth backing up the marketing hype.

10 Technique Errors All Boxers Should Watch Out For

Photo by Dan Porcutan
Weak Technique = Weak Boxer

Learning how to box on your own has the downside of not having an experienced coach watching you to correct any errors in technique. That is a bit of an annoyance, but you may be surprised to know that even experienced boxers with a coach in their corner will frequently ignore basic principles - especially when boxing against less experienced boxers. They believe they don't have to be as diligent and that because they are stronger than their opponent the deviations will do little harm.

Whether you are a new boxer or an experienced one, bad technique, no matter how small quickly adds up to nagging little habits that are difficult to correct. At some point they become weaknesses that your opponent can exploit...

Keep Your Boxing Training in Perspective

The wide variety of people using Commando Boxing continually amazes me.

Photo by The U.S. Army

Members range in age from less than 10 to older than 80. They are a fairly even split of men and women, although the proportion of women continues to grow. About 65% are brand new to the sport of boxing and looking to see if it is something they want to pursue.

The main reasons people generally give when joining the club fall into three general categories:

  1. a desire to improve their level of fitness using boxing training that isn't boring or that can be done at home;
  2. to improve self-confidence or learn self defense skills; or
  3. to increase performance and prepare for competition as a supplement to training they are doing in a physical club or with a trainer

Well, whatever your motivations are for being here, I first and foremost applaud you for getting involved in the sport.

The Best Boxing Gift Ideas for the Aspiring Boxer

I'm sure most of us have felt the stress of trying to figure out what to buy someone for Christmas. That stress is one of the reasons why my family and I no longer do the whole buying presents thing and instead opt to head south on vacation over Christmas (that and we live in Canada where it's cold...)

If skipping Christmas (or other holidays) isn't an option for you and you have someone on your Christmas list who is a boxer (or wannabe boxer) then I can't eliminate your stress, but at least I can point you to some things any aspiring boxer would likely love to have.

And if you're the boxer, then sharing this list with your friends and family might mean the difference between getting something you want versus another pair of socks.

Athletic Greens is Why I Don't Take a Daily Multivitamin Anymore

After reviewing and using Athletic Greens for a couple months now, it's time to explain why I now recommend it instead of a daily multivitamin for my clients.

...But, before I discuss Athletic Greens in detail, I want to take a minute to let you ponder whether it is something you should be taking at all...

If you were to enroll in a Commando Boxing coaching program, until recently, one of the daily habits that I'd work to instill in you is the habit of taking a daily multivitamin. That habit is based on research such as that done by the WHO indicating that over 2 billion people worldwide in both developing and industrialized countries suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies (primarily iodine, iron, vitamin A and zinc), with important health consequences.

To help you transform your body and become a better boxer, my initial focus from a nutrition perspective is on eliminating any barriers to progress caused by deficiencies in Omega 3, vitamin and minerals, water, and protein. A daily multivitamin is one means of rectifying any potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies you may have.

The Boxer's Diet Quick Start Guide

I've had quite a few questions lately asking what a boxer's diet looks like. Here's a sample of the types of questions:

  • What kinds and amounts of food should a boxer eat while training?
  • What can I eat to increase my stamina and performance in the ring?
  • Should I eat before training?
  • How important is breakfast?
  • What do I think of intermittent fasting, paleo, vegans, vegetarians, etc..?
  • Does carb cycling work?
  • Should I eat a low carb, high carb, no carb diet?
  • And the list goes on...

I've actually been meaning to answer all these questions and more in a full boxer's diet book that I'm working on, but time is not on my side at the moment.

But...I can answer many of these questions quickly...

Boxing Tip #20: Knowing When to Cover Up

Once upon a time, there was a boxer named Jim.  Jim loved boxing and would train up to 3 hours a day, working hard on his conditioning and generally turning himself into a hell of a fighter.  Jim knew he was good, in shape, and decided to reward himself with a vacation -- a couple weeks cruising the Caribbean.

Jim will be the first one to tell you that a cruise quickly turns into a battle of who can be the bigger slug.  With food everywhere, the most exercise you get is walking ten steps from bar to eatery to pool and back again.  Sure there is a fitness room, but Jim wasn't there to workout.  He was there to relax, drink himself silly, and eat whatever he wanted -- and he did just that.

By the end of the vacation, Jim had thoroughly indulged himself, enjoyed himself, and was ready to get back in the gym. On returning home, there was a message waiting for him -- his coach had setup a fight  -- the catch -- it was in three days.

The Speed Bag Bible - Review

Running Time: Depends on set: 2-6 hours.

Buy Now

This review was three months in the making. Alan Kahn, author and producer of The Speed Bag Bible sent me a package just before Christmas in 2006 and it took nearly three months to get through it due to the sheer volume of information his speed bag program provides.

I don't want to explicitly compare Alan's program to others I've looked at, but I will say that Alan has created his program to be highly adaptive and flexible and there is nothing I have seen that compares in this regard.

He teaches 24 individual punching and elbow striking techniques that can be combined into hundreds of combinations. His program unleashes your imagination and his training will have you hitting the speed bag with rhythm and style.

What to Do When Cheating Leads to Guilt

Guilt: Serves You Right
Guilt: Serves You Right
Picture by Rob!

Did you honestly think you could stick to your training plan or eat perfectly 100% of the time - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year?

I'm currently sitting in a hotel as I write this. I started a new training cycle just over three weeks ago and have diligently followed my meal plan for the same period of time. However, I am now in this hotel for a week on business. I have no access to cooking facilities or food preparation. I have a very limited fitness facility. I have to attend social functions and eat in restaurants and pubs. How hard do you think it is going to be for me to stick to my meal plan and training program?

Walk the Talk

Photo by Cea
"What set Thomas Edison apart was that, with all his boundless exaggeration, he conveyed the feeling that he would succeed. No matter what the obstacles, he would pound away until they were demolished."

- Robert Conot

Remind You of Anyone?

Reading that quote above, do any boxers come to mind? When I first read it, I thought immediately of Floyd Mayweather Jr. I can't think of a recent boxer who has a bigger mouth than he does. While I think a good portion of it is acting to inflate ticket prices and pay per view views, he is extremely vocal (boundless exaggeration).

The thing is that unlike other boxers, Mayweather Jr. accomplishes what he says. He walks the talk. He dissects, disables, and pounds away until his opponents are demolished.