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The Best Boxing Gift Ideas for the Aspiring Boxer

I'm sure most of us have felt the stress of trying to figure out what to buy someone for Christmas. That stress is one of the reasons why my family and I no longer do the whole buying presents thing and instead opt to head south on vacation over Christmas (that and we live in Canada where it's cold...)

If skipping Christmas (or other holidays) isn't an option for you and you have someone on your Christmas list who is a boxer (or wannabe boxer) then I can't eliminate your stress, but at least I can point you to some things any aspiring boxer would likely love to have.

And if you're the boxer, then sharing this list with your friends and family might mean the difference between getting something you want versus another pair of socks.

So, here are my top picks for gifts for boxers:

#1 - His or Her Own Training Equipment

I think it's totally awesome when a boxing club has the ability to supply its members with equipment including hand wraps, training gloves, and skipping (jump) ropes. Not everyone can afford to equip themselves at the start so if there is equipment available it can mean the difference between getting someone involved in boxing or not.

At some point, though, when it's apparent you or your boxer is going to stick with it, you should make it your life's mission to put together a gym bag with some essential equipment.

Why you might ask? Well, if you can imagine wrapping your hands in hand wraps that just came off the drooling, coughing kid in the corner or sliding your hands into nice wet, smelly pair of gloves that buddy just wiped his bloody nose on - you can quickly understand why your boxer needs his own training gear. So gift set idea #1 is a well equipped training bag:

  • Ringside Boxing Stance Gym Bag. Your boxer needs something to carry their equipment in and it needs to be big enough eventually for training gear, sparring gear, extra clothing, and whatever else they fancy putting in it. It should have a place to put wet clothing/wraps because boxers spend a lot of time in a constant state of sweatiness. The brand of gym bag comes down to personal preference. You can go with the Ringside bag at the link above or find the brand of your choice. Another option is a backpack style gym bag for those who have to run to the gym from work or school.
  • Hand Wraps. Absolutely essential piece of training gear and also a next to skin item that ends up super sweaty and stinky (think decomposing bodies stench...) after only a few uses. Do your boxer and those around him/her a favour and make sure they have at least two or three sets in their gym bag unless you're going to wash one pair over and over.
  • Training Gloves Next to hand wraps, making sure your boxer has his/her own training gloves is next most important - especially from a hygienic viewpoint. I'm sure every boxing club out there regularly sanitizes their gloves between uses (LOL), but your boxer will feel much better being able to put on their own sweat rather than someone elses.

    There are plenty of weights, colors, brands, and style of training gloves. For kids (up to about 90lbs) - 6 or 8 oz gloves are a good size. Anyone bigger should be working up to 12-14oz gloves. When it comes to training gloves, quality matters. Don't waste money buying a cheap set of vinyl gloves. They'll disintegrate very quickly and you'll need to buy another set. Go leather right from the start to save money in the long run.

  • Skipping Rope (Jump Rope). Skipping is frustrating for a beginner to learn and even more frustrating when you're using a rope that isn't sized correctly or made of a material that doesn't spin worth crap. It's a cheap stocking stuffer and well worth the cost to bring your own to the gym. It also gives you an instant workout anywhere.

#2 - A Way to Train Outside of the Gym

If your boxer can make it in to the gym 5-7 days a week to train, then you can just skip over this section. If not, and you've already equipped your boxer with the basic training gear at point #1 above, then your boxer needs a heavy bag at home to train on during the off-gym days.

Getting good at boxing (or anything else) requires consistency. Improving one's fitness level to a point where he/she can survive multiple two-three minute rounds in a boxing ring requires dedication and consistency. It also means daily practice.

  1. Aqua Punching Bag. There is a more detailed heavy bag buying guide on Commando Boxing, but the best heavy bag I've ever tried is the Aqua Punching Bag. You can read the full Aqua Punching Bag review, but the highlights are:

    • Forgives Bad Technique. This in itself makes it a near-perfect training bag for beginning boxers. As long as a trainer is correcting bad technique on the on-gym days, when your boxer is punching away at the bag in the garage, a concerned parent or loved one can be reassured that the boxer isn't hurting him/herself. The give and force dissipation ability of an Aqua Punching Bag is far greater than other non-water filled bags on the market.
    • Various Sizes. The Aqua Punching Bag comes in a variety of sizes to provide whatever level of resistance your boxer needs and the shape means that all of the boxing punches can be practiced on it full force (i.e., uppercuts).
    • Material. The Aqua Punching Bag is virtually indestructible and comes in a number of wicked colours/patterns. You can take a bat to these things and they won't even notice. They can be left outside, inside or run over with a car and still work great.
    • Affordable. Best value for what you get and you can save an additional 10% by using the coupon code: COMMANDOBOXING

    Get an Aqua Punching Bag - will be the best boxing purchase you ever make. Your boxer will love it.

  2. Gymboss Interval Timer. Training for boxing means doing a whole lot of interval training. It's always a work period followed by a rest period and the boxer needs a way to time both the work and rest interval. You can read the full Gymboss Interval Timer review, but it is perfectly designed for boxing training. Durable, inexpensive and a great stocking stuffer (it's small), it's an awesome gift not only for boxers, but anyone that does any kind of Tabata, HIIT, or other interval training.

#3 - More Ways to Learn Boxing

Alrighty, obviously you should ensure your boxer is frequenting Commando Boxing to see what boxing tips and techniques I share on a regular basis. If they aren't doing that, that's number 1, but you can help them become a better boxer by giving them books, DVDs, and courses that complement the work and training they are doing in the gym. Commando Boxing certainly isn't the only source for boxing information out there. Here are several options for additional training:

  1. Commando Boxing's Self-Guided Boxing Course
    . I'm biased but you're not going to find another self-guided online boxing course that goes into the level of detail and step-by-step instruction than I do with the Commando Boxing course. If your boxer is new to the sport and needs someone to guide them through the technique and training - this is a great starting point.
  2. Expert Boxing Products. A fellow boxing enthusiast, Johnny Nguyen runs Expert Boxing. Your boxer should be frequenting that site in addition to Commando Boxing. Johnny is a fantastic teacher and has the ability to explain complex boxing techniques simply and to the point. His products are top notch and provide yet another perspective on the sweet science. He currently has four products that all provide aspiring boxers with more tools for their boxing toolbox:
  3. Ultimate Boxing Lessons. This is an 8 DVD boxed set of boxing goodness. Coach Christopher Getz takes your boxer through all the preparation, offense, defense, strategy, and training techniques. I own this boxed set myself and I have yet to come across a more complete reference set. Note that the filming is not super professional quality (it was filmed in 2004) and could probably do with an update, but it certainly gets the points across.
  4. Precision Nutrition Products. Boxing skill only gets your boxer so far. Mastering the nutrition aspect to complement training will give them an incredible advantage over their opponent. To that end, I am Precision Nutrition certified myself and highly recommend their nutrition coaching programs. They are exceptionally well done and thorough and can help you or your boxer achieve a level of fitness and the body to go with it that they never thought possible. They have several options including some free starter kits:

And there you have it - my Commando Boxing recommendations for what you should be buying the boxing enthusiast in your life when you need a Christmas or other holiday gift idea.

Did I miss anything? Leave a comment.

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