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Coach Aaron presents:

Learn How to Box for Fitness, Competition, or Self Defense
Discover How to Punch, Defend, Move, and Get Ripped

It's time to end the confusion, cut through the nonsense and discover the step-by-step boxing system that works. Forget about searching Youtube for hours for quality boxing drills and techniques.

Forget about guessing what training to do, when to do it or how to eat for best results. There is a faster, easier, better way.

There are three problems with most how to box programs out there:

  1. They are disjointed - you get a tip or technique and it does not tie into any type of training plan or follow any type of progression.
  2. You're left not knowing where to begin or where to go,
  3. You have no coach to mentor you, pick apart your technique, or keep you on track.

For a boxing training system to work it has to be simple. It has to build a solid foundation of boxing skills and progressively improve your technique and conditioning. It can't assume you know anything. And you need a coach and club to keep you motivated and on track. That's what the Commando Boxing Online Boxing Club is all about.

The Only Boxing Club That Uses Commando Boxing's Wrap System For Progressive Skill and Conditioning Development

Every boxing coach and club has it's own way of teaching and it's usually very difficult to figure out what you're going to learn and when. Some clubs even believe it is your responsibility to get yourself in shape while they are there only to teach you boxing technique.

The Commando Boxing Club is designed specifically to make you an all-round better boxer and addresses both conditioning and skill development using progressive 12-week boxing training plans.

As a newcomer to the club you'll start as a White Wrap and go through all phases of the white level. You'll earn different color wraps with each level of the system you complete.

Note: Only Level 1 (12 weeks/84 days of training) is currently available. I'm revising the rest of the levels and they'll be online shortly.

White Wraps - Phase 1 is designed for the absolute beginner:
  • takes 28 days to complete
  • covers boxing fundamentals
  • uses jump rope workouts, shadowboxing, body weight and interval training
  • includes a 202 page downloadable training plan with video technique demonstrations
  • online progress tracking
  • recipes and meal planning
  • And when you're done with Phase 1, Phases 2 and 3 are another 56 days of training waiting for you that focus on other aspects of your boxing development...

The only equipment required is a jump rope so you can test the Commando Boxing Club without spending extra on boxing equipment - but that doesn't mean you won't learn boxing techniques. You start boxing training on Day 1 and build from there.

And again... I assume you know nothing and take you through it all step-by-step. You cannot fail if you follow the system. You will lose body fat and build muscle while improving your power, speed, and technique.

When You Join the Commando Boxing Club

The first stop will be a brief club orientation that:

Gets You Ready to Learn How to Box

You'll be set you up for success from the start. You'll:

  • Learn which tools of the trade are essential and which aren't
  • Learn how to schedule your day to allow for training time and preparations
  • Figure out if you're going to train as an Orthodox or Southpaw boxer
  • Learn how to wrap your hands properly and make a fist to prevent injury

Once you're ready to go we'll get right into the boxing lessons...

The Boxing Techniques You'll Learn Include:

Boxing Footwork that Will Make You Untouchable

You'll discover:

  • How to achieve perfect balance with the right boxing stance and guard
  • Footwork for superior power and speed
  • How to confuse your opponent with angles
  • Defensive movements that keep you protected at all times
  • Drills that increase your agility and speed of movement

... And that's just the basics - next you'll learn to inflict some damage...

The Boxing Punches - Your Offensive Arsenal

Entire lessons will ensure you punch correctly with speed and power. You'll be taught (whether you are a southpaw or orthodox) how to...

  • Throw effective, blistering jabs that will set up follow on combinations and keep your opponents at bay
  • Destroy opponents with a power shots like straight rights
  • Master the art of throwing devastating left and right hooks
  • Throw perfect left and right uppercuts with unstoppable power and surgical precision
  • Increase your power and speed in all your punches
  • Increase your chances of throwing a knockout punch

You'll learn how to protect yourself and maintain the initiative...

Protect Yourself With a Perfect Defensive Game

Instinctually defend against any type of attack:

  • Hit without getting hit.
  • Build an impenetrable defensive wall
  • Stop opponent's punches with blocks, parries, and catches
  • Nullify punches with rolls
  • Expertly evade punches with slips and ducks and learn to bob and weave

With the boxing fundamentals firmly entrenched in your mind - we'll cover more advanced topics including...

Combinations, Counter Punching, and Boxing Strategy

Control the fight, and turn it to your favour with counter punching (including advanced tips and techniques on deceptions and feints):

  • Become unstoppable with highly effective boxing combinations
  • Regain the initiative by safely transitioning from defense to offense with counter punching
  • Deceptions and feints to lure your opponent into ambushes and keep them guessing as to what you might do
  • Totally control the ring with ring generalship and fight strategy
Meet Your New Boxing Coach - Coach Aaron

I'm the combat coach of online boxing training. After 16 years of boxing, 24 years of fitness training, and 13 years in the infantry - I have a lot of life changing information to share when it comes to boxing, fitness, and combat.

I'm Precision Nutrition certified Level 1 and a Boxing Canada Apprentice Coach working on a club coach certification.

I'm not a famous pro boxer and I've only had one official amateur fight but that shouldn't deter you from joining my club.

My own body transformation (10 weeks of training)

I train soldiers professionally and volunteer my time as a boxing and fitness coach in clubs where ever I'm currently stationed.

I've assisted people such as the Development Director of the Pakistan Boxing Federation with opening clubs and online training activities.

I've helped over 8000 new boxers learn how to box online since 2003. Some have gone on to further their boxing training offline and now compete at high levels.

I've run a 125km ultra marathon, done three military iron mans, plenty of marathons and know what it takes to achieve your boxing and body transformation goals.

I want to be your coach to introduce you to this great sport and open the doors to all of the benefits associated with it.

What Others Have to Say About Commando Boxing

I didn't ask for any of these comments, but I love when they show up...

It's One of the Best....

I would like to say that its one of the best that I have read on boxing skills (And that from an ex-army trainer ). I was in the R.A.F. for nearly twelve years during which time I was a P.T.I. & boxing coach. I also boxed as an amateur & professional. As a coach/trainer I was at three Commonwealth Games. Coaching females I trained Jane Couch who won five World titles.

A Boxer's Body....

Heres a little bit of progress in my current training. The before picture was when I just started training after a few months of doing my own unorganized light training consisting of sloppy heavy bag work and 12 pack consumption. 4 weeks later is present. As you can see this shit is real. If you wanna get your fat ass in shape get ahold of him and get ready to work hard and get ready to crack some heads open.

The Nudge I Needed....

I started reading your page just over four years ago and learning the basics gave me that tiny boost of confidence I needed to go to a boxing gym and start training. Four years later I've had six Muay Thai fights in Canada and the U.S. as well as spending a month in Thailand for training. I'm up for the BC ISKA Women's Welterweight title hopefully within the next year...

Not Just For Beginners....

I just wanted to give you some feedback on your website by saying that I found it very informative. I have been boxing for three years, and was still able to learn some new tricks from your website. Not only that, but it provided information for the beginner boxer. Great website and I’ve starting telling the guys in my gym already. K-O!

Better Than a Gym....

Aaron, Just came across your site tonite and it's very impressive. I've never been one thats been into the whole "health club" workout, so your site is a welcome relief. I boxed as a kid (i'm 42 now) and have always kept up some kind of boxing training over the years. I'm in Southern California, and there are very few boxing gyms nearby, so I have a heavy bag in the garage and do it all at home. Thanks for all the great workout routines and discriptions, punches, etc. and keep up the good work.

Remarkable Approach....

I just read your web site and it is remarkable, I am totally new to the "art" of boxing and the basics. Other than some good old street brawls I HAVE NO training other than watching boxing on the television or picking up pointers from some of my associates as the shadow each other. However your very basic approach is exactly what I have been looking for years. Within the last 24 hrs my wife thinks I want to be a ring fighter(I don't) I 35 just would like to keep the flies off of me (smile). But I do want to thank you for this web site...

And that's just a sampling...I have over 10 years worth of feedback just like these...

Answers to Your Questions

Click the question to see the answer...

(+) Am I going to have to buy a lot of equipment to learn how to box?
Eventually - yes. But you can go through the first 28 days of the system with nothing more than a jump rope and a place to do some shadowboxing and body weight training. From there, it depends on where you are training and your goals. Some people will never step foot in a boxing gym but still want to go through all five levels of the system. That's really not possible unless you are going to purchase all of the equipment you need. To do the entire program you will need (in order of appearance):
    Jump Rope
  • Round Timer
  • Foam Roller
  • Tennis Balls (3)
  • Tape Measure and Calipers (optional)
  • Digital Camera and Video Recorder (optional)
  • Hand wraps
  • Bag Gloves
  • Heavy Bag
  • Free Weights (Complete barbell and dumb bell set)
  • Upper cut bag (Aqua Punching Bag is best...)
  • Double End Bag
  • TRX or other suspension trainer
  • Headgear
  • Mouth guard
  • Groin Protector (Chest Protector for women)
  • Focus Mitts

I realize that is a big list of equipment and most will find it more cost effective to join a gym near them to get access to this equipment. If that is not possible, you can still do the program, but you will have to make compromises.

(+) I can watch boxing videos on Youtube for free - why should I pay to join your club?

There are some really good coaches and trainers posting instructional boxing techniques on Youtube that are free to watch and use. I regularly check them out myself to see what else I can learn. Ones' boxing education never stops. I'd even say that some I've found are more professionally filmed than what you're going to find in the Commando Boxing club area...

But the problem that Commando Boxing solves for you is how to take all those techniques and put them into a sequential, progressive boxing training plan that ensures you learn the techniques while simultaneously increasing your strength, power, speed, stamina and other markers of athletic performance. With the club you get five levels of training that progresses in difficulty and skill level. It is step-by-step so you learn something and then build on it - there is no guesswork on your part. You just commit to and do the training as assigned on any given day.

(+) I already workout on my own (lift weights/run/etc...) - does Commando Boxing take that into account?

If you're already getting the results you want - then you probably don't need the training plans in Commando Boxing - stick to what's working - but if you want a training plan and community support that is going to challenge you and is designed to progressively increase your level of boxing skill and fitness then join the club.

The key word though is progressive. I will warn you that I expect everyone to start with the White Wrap - Phase 1 regardless of how fit or capable you think you are - so if you are more advanced that may not instantly appeal to you.

That first 28 days consists of basic skipping (we'll eventually add another 65 jump rope moves), shadow boxing, and body weight training. That should be your primary focus along with establishing a training habit and ensuring your nutritional profile is good to go.

If you're already following a pretty intense training regimen then that first 28 days may sound pretty easy. In reality it can be a lot harder than it looks - as the rounds/exercises are timed - you can make it harder or easier on yourself by how hard you push yourself during the work cycle.

Phase 1 is all about foundations and making sure you can move any muscle you already have on your body. It also features two days/week of active rest/recovery which includes mobility exercises and foam rolling. From there, subsequent phases include weights, heavy bag work, plyometrics and so on as things progress. But every 12 weeks you return to a body weight program to give your body a stress break and a chance to recover fully while making sure muscle is functional.

If you work the training plan and trust the programming - in the long run you're going to be far stronger, faster, and fat and injury free. You'd just have come to terms with the fact that not lifting or running or whatever for a few weeks is a good thing in the overall scheme of things. If you can't do that then you "could" supplement with your own training - but I think you'd be pleasantly surprised how effective it actually is.

(+) How much time do I need to devote to training each day?

The training takes anywhere from 25 - 90 min each day. 60 min is about the average. I know you have 60 min in your day somewhere - you just need to make training a priority in your life.

(+) Is boxing training actually effective?

I'll be honest with you - pretty much any training plan you find on the internet will improve strength and help you lose weight if you use it. The key is to pick one and stick with it. Consistency is what matters. I've got some things built into your Commando Boxing club dashboard to help you with that consistency.

I'm actually surprised this question ever comes up given how many times I've said that boxing is the most effective training on the planet and the examples of thousands of boxers walking around - but in a nutshell - the answer is yes. Boxing training plans in general will do wonders for your levels of strength, speed, and burn off any excess fat you may have and the progressive training plans in the club are no exception.

(+) Is Commando Boxing just training or is there some information on nutrition as well?

Nutrition is huge - it's even more important than the training in the long run. I'm certified to offer nutrition advice and I focus my Commando Boxing members on training and nutrition to support that training. You'll get superb advice on how to speed up results and fuel properly to ensure your training is as effective as possible.

(+) Is Commando Boxing for females?

For sure. Commando Boxing is perfect for anyone - male, female, young or old. It's actually an exciting time for females to get involved in boxing. Compared to men, there is far less competition and many female boxers are quickly finding themselves competing for world championship belts and securing spots on Olympic boxing teams.

Even if competing isn't your thing - boxing is your ticket to one hell of a fine looking body!

(+) How long does it take to get access?

No time at all. It's automatic. Immediately after paying for membership you can get started. You'll be redirected to your account and an email will show up in your inbox explaining what to do and where to go. No waiting required!

(+) How soon can I expect to see results?

Becoming a boxer doesn't happen overnight. It's a sport you never quit learning and once you're involved - you're hooked - it's more addictive than crack. The training and nutrition becomes a permanent part of your life.

That said, you will start feeling different within the first 48hrs of training and will notice physical changes in the first week.

(+) What if I need help?

It's not a matter of it - it's when. Everyone needs help at some point and that's why I'm here to mentor you through the process. I'm just an email (or private message from your dashboard) away. You'll get a personalized, detailed response from me - usually within a couple hours.


60 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

The last thing I want is for people to join Commando Boxing and not feel like they got true value.

As I write this, over 8,400 boxers and trainers have used the How to Box System (you've read some of their success stories) so I have absolutely no doubt that if you want to learn how to box and make your fitness activities more fun, effective, and challenging, Commando Boxing is the one and only online boxing training program for you.

That being said, I totally stand by my program and it comes with a No Questions Asked Money-Back-Guarantee. Here's how it works:

You can join Commando Boxing, work through the How to Box System, absorb all the information, do the workouts and boxing drills and really put the system through its paces. Anytime in the first 60 days, if you ask for a refund, I'll refund your entire investment, no questions asked.

I designed this guarantee for the 99% who are honest, but naturally skeptical -- not the 1% who'll take advantage of me.

As you can see from my testimonials, people who USE the training plan and boxing lessons are wowed by the results and wouldn't think of asking for their money back or cancelling their membership.