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Gentlemen - If there is a secret ticket to shorten the time it takes to totally transform your body and see your abs, that ticket is BOXING and my Commando Boxing Body Transformation (CBBT) program.

To really change your body for good, you have to fix the way you eat and train. No amount of training alone or magical supplements will make such a noticeable difference in the way you look and feel.

So let's fix it.

Over the next five days, I'll give you (FREE) the essential information and tools to shed fat and build muscle - to completely transform your body - saving you any more wasted time and frustration.

At Commando Boxing, I work online with ordinary people and introduce them to their extraordinary selves to create dramatic body transformations. I guarantee that every client transforms his body and gets in the best shape of his life and I deliver on that promise.

My background and experience puts me in a unique position to mentor you. I've seen firsthand what works and what doesn't and have worked with thousands of new boxers.

This quick course is a super condensed version of CBBT giving you the absolutely essential elements you need to transform your body by losing fat and building muscle, in five short video lessons. Doing these five things will get you further than you ever thought possible - and save you years of wasted effort and frustration.

How to Transform Your Body - and Look and Feel Great - in 5 Free Video Lessons

In this course, I'll teach you:

  1. The Law of Body Transformation. Ignore this or the four factors that affect it and it won't matter how hard you train or what magical pill you take. But, if you understand this simple principle - it's easier than you ever thought possible.
  2. Exactly what to eat and how much. Complete with recipes and the super-foods checklist, we'll turn the principles into quick, great-tasting meals you can start eating today.
  3. The exercise principles, boxing, and military fitness training that will dramatically cut the time it takes to achieve your transformation. You'll get a boxing training plan that you can do with no equipment that will teach you some boxing skills you can use to develop every aspect of your physical fitness - while increasing your confidence at the same time.
  4. Which supplements to consider to speed things up and which are a complete waste of money. I can recommend a very select number of supplements that will speed up your transformation based on the science and research conducted by Precision Nutrition. These are supplements I've achieved success with personally and with my clients. It's an honest assessment of what's BS and what isn't.
  5. How one decision can give you a huge advantage over other guys. Achieving your transformation comes down to asking yourself one question. It's that simple.

And you're not just going to watch me talk for five minutes in each of these videos. I give you everything you need - printable pdfs, complete training plans, recipes, checklists, and "cheat sheets" to put it all into action right from Day 1.

In addition to the video and downloadable resources, you'll also get a text transcript of each video and an audio MP3 in case you want to listen on the go or get tired of seeing/hearing me talk.


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You should budget about 5 minutes to watch each video and another 5 minutes or so to look through all the cool stuff I give you that day. Archive the emails and you can return to the course whenever you wish.


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See you in the course,

Aaron Luhning, BA, MSc, Pn1
NCCP Apprentice Boxing Coach
Precision Nutrition Certified