Ladies - boxing training is not just for men. It's super effective for women too. My Commando Boxing Body Transformation (CBBT) program will give you a lean, athletic body - guaranteed.

It may be hard to believe but... only 2 out of every 100 women who start a body transformation program - to lose fat and develop more muscular definition - will succeed. That means that 98 of them will fail.

It's hard to blame any of those who fail. With so many diet books, training plans, weight loss supplements, and experts dictating that you should eat this vs that or do this vs that, it's really, really hard to understand what to actually do.

But what if transforming your body was actually a simple thing to do? So simple that I can give you the specific - actual steps to do it in about 25 minutes for free?

If I could, and I can, you can start transforming your body today much to the dismay of the rest of the fitness industry.

The Fact Is...

When it comes to transforming your body, there are only 5 specific things you need to think about. Everything else exists to confuse you.

Understand and use these 5 principles - the 5 I will cover in the free video course below - and you will be one of those 2 people who succeeds.

Don't use them and you can join the other 98 women jumping from program to program, diet to diet, failing each time, hanging their head in shame, stuck in a cycle of dashed hopes and dreams. I really do not want you to become one of them...

You can transform your body without completely overhauling your life

Counting calories is unrealistic for most people. Useless, mind-numbing workout programs do more harm than good. And if you're buying most supplements - you really should stop wasting money on them.

You DO NOT have to rearrange your entire life to get the body of your dreams. And you certainly do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on the latest weight loss miracle, pill or powder.

What you do need - are simple, step-by-step instructions and specific action items. And in this free video course - I'll give you exactly that.

How to transform your body in five free video lessons

To get you started on your body transformation, I've built this 5-lesson course. It will cover:

  1. The Law of Body Transformation. Ignore this or the four factors that affect it and it won't matter how hard you train or what magical pill you take. Work with the law and transformation is easier than you ever thought possible.
  2. Exactly what to eat and how much. Complete with recipes and the super-foods checklist, we'll turn the principles into quick, great-tasting meals you can start eating today.
  3. The exercise principles and boxing training that will dramatically cut the time it takes to achieve your transformation. You'll get a boxing training plan that you can do with no equipment that will teach you some boxing skills you can use to develop every aspect of your physical fitness and increase your confidence. Yes, women can box - and they're often very good at it.
  4. Which supplements to consider to speed things up and which are a complete waste of money. I can recommend a very select number of supplements that will speed up your transformation based on the science and research conducted by Precision Nutrition. These are supplements I've achieved success with personally and with my clients. It's an honest assessment of what works and what doesn't.
  5. How one decision can give you a huge advantage in sticking to your program. Achieving your transformation comes down to asking yourself one question. It's that simple.

And you're not just going to watch me talk for five minutes in each of these videos. I give you everything you need - printable pdfs, complete training plans, recipes, checklists, and "cheat sheets" to put it all into action right from Day 1.

You'll also get a text transcript of each video and an audio MP3 in case you want to listen on the go or get tired of seeing/hearing me talk.

I want to stop the confusion and give you everything you need to transform your body. I think I have, but that's for you to decide.


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You should budget about 5 minutes to watch each video and another 5 minutes or so to look through all the cool stuff I give you that day. Archive the emails and you can return to the course whenever you wish.

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Aaron Luhning, BA, MSc, Pn1
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