The Boxing Skills and 12 Week Training Plan is 
Your Roadmap for Becoming a Boxer

Discover how to punch, defend, and move while building the power, stamina, and speed of a boxer so you can fight and win.

Have you ever watched a boxing match and were in awe of the power, finesse and determination of the boxers in the ring and thought that boxing is something you'd like to try?

And have you never done anything about it - because well, you doubt you can because you're too old, too young, too out-of-shape, too weak, too whatever... and basically have no idea how or where to start?

Coach Aaron

Thinking that we're too old, young, weak, slow, fat, passive or whatever are excuses we tell ourselves to rationalize inaction on our dreams and goals.  In whatever form you are now, you are no different than the thousands of people before you deciding to start boxing for the first time.  The only difference right now is that they've decided to take action to pursue their dreams.

I First Started Boxing when I was 24

It was the 1990s and there was no boxing club or trainer in the town I lived in so I devoured all I could from whatever books and DVDs I could find.  Back then, good instructional material was scarce.

That was long before online videos and courses, but I did what I could with what I had until I eventually started driving over three hours a day to get some in-person coaching in a boxing club in the closest city to where I lived.

My First Time in a Boxing Club Sucked

I was nervous and I was thrown to the wolves.  With barely any idea of how to defend myself, I was put in the ring to spar with boxers who had been training far longer and far differently than I was doing on my own.

I know now that I should have walked out of that club and never gone back (good coaches ensure you're ready to fight before you get in the ring), but I kept going for a few months until it became too much of a burden on my family to work all day, then make the long drive - sometimes in really bad weather - just to get beat up over and over again.

Boxing clubs tend to be hit or miss.  There are some really good coaches and clubs out there and there are some really bad ones.  If you walk into a club where they are grooming fighters to compete in the amateurs or pros, you basically have to earn the trainer's time by showing you have the potential, fortitude, and commitment necessary to become a champion.

Learning to Box was Slow and Frustrating

As a new boxer in a club you are often left to try and pick things up by watching other boxers with the occasional tip from a trainer if lucky.  If you happen to be really uncoordinated or out-of-shape you may never get any attention in a boxing club.  The alternative is one-on-one coaching with the price tag that comes with it.

After leaving that first club, I found myself once again struggling to train on my own.  Fortunately, my boxing education took a giant leap forward when I joined the Army in 2001.  I found myself working with great trainers, boxers, and boxing clubs eventually learning enough to actually get in the ring and fight in the amateurs.

I went on to take coaching classes and volunteered as a trainer and boxing coach in whatever local club existed in the place I was currently assigned.  Throughout, I continued to train and spar with champions - both amateurs and pros.

The Birth of Commando Boxing

I never forgot how difficult it was for me to get started with boxing.  In 2003, I decided to do something about that and put up the first version of Commando Boxing (which was called  It was a basic how to guide covering the boxing fundamentals to help people new to the sport or who didn't have a decent boxing club or trainer where they lived learn to box online.  That little site eventually evolved into what you see here today.

I swear it would have been so much easier to get started boxing had something like Commando Boxing existed when I was first starting out.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • You do not have access to a boxing club or trainer. 
    There simply is no club or trainer near where you live that you could join even if you wanted to.
  • The thought of walking into a boxing club scares the crap out of you.
    There may be a boxing club nearby but you have all these ideas of what it's going to be like walking in there.  You just don't have the confidence for whatever reason to put yourself through that.
  • You need resources to augment what you are learning in your club.
    Perhaps you're only getting a couple classes a week and need a training plan to improve your conditioning or aren't really understanding your coach/need things explained in a different way.
  • You're tired of wasting time trying to piece together a training plan on your own.
    You're using whatever you can find - books, online videos, etc... but it's unorganized, unsequenced, and ineffective.  You wish there was a step-by-step program that laid it all out and covers everything you need, physically, psychologically, and cognitively, to become a boxer.

If you're in any of these situations then Commando Boxing and this Boxing Skills Stream is for you.

Over 14 Years in the Making

Since 2003, Commando Boxing has strived to:

  • check
    Help new boxers build a solid boxing foundation that gives them the confidence to walk into a boxing club and start working with a trainer
  • check
    Help boxers of all levels of experience improve their level of fitness to perform better in the club and the ring.
  • check
    Introduce boxers to clubs and other boxers in their area in a positive manner to move beyond individual training to competition or sparring/partner work.
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    Give boxers of all levels access to as many boxing drills, techniques, tips, and training options as possible - all designed to improve them some way physically, psychologically, or cognitively in "the sweet science".

The feedback from people seems to be appreciative of what's been accomplished.

What Others Are Saying

6600 New Boxers and Counting

I didn't ask for any of these comments, but I love when they show up...

Tex Woodward Boxing Coach

It's One of the Best...

I'm an ex RAF trainer, three time Commonwealth Games Coach, and coach of Jane Couch (winner of five world titles). I would like to say that its one of the best that I have read on boxing skills.

Alex G

The Nudge I Needed

I started reading your page just over four years ago and learning the basics gave me that tiny boost of confidence I needed to go to a boxing gym and start training. Four years later I've had six Muay Thai fights in Canada and the U.S. as well as spending a month in Thailand for training. I'm up for the BC ISKA Women's Welterweight title hopefully within the next year...


A Boxer's Body

Heres a little bit of progress in my current training. The before picture was when I just started training after a few months of doing my own unorganized light training consisting of sloppy heavy bag work and 12 pack consumption. 4 weeks later is present. As you can see this shit is real. If you wanna get your fat ass in shape get ahold of him and get ready to work hard and get ready to crack some heads open.

Jenn H

Not Just For Beginners

I just wanted to give you some feedback on your website by saying that I found it very informative. I have been boxing for three years, and was still able to learn some new tricks from your website. Not only that, but it provided information for the beginner boxer. Great website and I’ve starting telling the guys in my gym already. K-O!


Better Than a Gym

Aaron, Just came across your site tonite and it's very impressive. I've never been one thats been into the whole "health club" workout, so your site is a welcome relief. I boxed as a kid (i'm 42 now) and have always kept up some kind of boxing training over the years. I'm in Southern California, and there are very few boxing gyms nearby, so I have a heavy bag in the garage and do it all at home. Thanks for all the great workout routines and discriptions, punches, etc. and keep up the good work.

Eric O

Remarkable Approach

I just read your web site and it is remarkable, I am totally new to the "art" of boxing and the basics. Other than some good old street brawls I HAVE NO training other than watching boxing on the television or picking up pointers from some of my associates as the shadow each other. However your very basic approach is exactly what I have been looking for years. Within the last 24 hrs my wife thinks I want to be a ring fighter(I don't) I 35 just would like to keep the flies off of me (smile). But I do want to thank you for this web site...

And that's just a sampling - I have 14 years worth of feedback just like these.  Start Training Now!

The Problems with Online Boxing Training

There are three problems with most of the how to box programs out there:

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    They are disjointed - you get a tip or technique and it does not tie into any type of training plan or follow any type of progression.  Often, they assume you already have a solid grasp of the basics and a foundation that allows you to do more advanced techniques.
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    You're left now knowing where to begin or where to go.  Do you learn this forearm block before you learn to jab?  Do you learn offense before defense?  Do you mix the two together?  Get the picture?
  • check
    There is no coach or mentor you can turn to for advice or to help keep you on track.

For a boxing training system to work it must be simple.  It must build a solid foundation of boxing skills and progressively improve your technique and conditioning.  It doesn't assume you know things you don't.  It tells you what to do and when.  Ultimately, that's what the Boxing Skills Stream provides.

What Happens When You Join the Boxing Skills Stream?

When you walk into a good boxing club, the trainer or coach will usually give you a bit of an orientation session.  That's exactly what you will do when you start the boxing skills stream:


Commando Boxing Orientation 

You'll be setup for success right from the start.  Here's a sample of what we'll cover - you'll:

  • L​earn w​hat equipment you're going to need and what equipment is a waste of money.
  • Learn how to schedule your day and prioritize your goals to protect time for training and preparations.
  • Figure out if you're going to train as an Orthodox or Southpaw boxer.
  • Learn how to properly wrap your hands and make a fist to prevent injury.

Once you're ready to go we'll get right into the boxing lessons.  The ever-growing database of boxing lessons, drills, and techniques includes:



You'll discover:

  • How to achieve perfect balance with the right boxing stance and guard.
  • Footwork for superior power and speed.
  • How to confuse your opponent with angles.
  • Defensive footwork to keep you out of range and protected at all times.
  • Footwork drills to increase your agility and speed of movement.

And that's just the basics.  Next you'll learn to inflict some damage...



Entire lessons will show you the secrets to punching correctly with speed and power.  You'll be taught how to:

  • Throw effective, blistering jabs at lightning speed that stand alone or set up follow on combinations that score on your opponent.
  • Destroy opponents with power shots to the vulnerable parts of the head and body.
  • Master the art of throwing devastating left and right hooks.
  • Throw perfect uppercuts with tremendous power and surgical precision.
  • Increase your chances of throwing a knockout punch by improving power, speed, and precision in all your punches.

Boxing is about hitting without getting hit.  You'll learn how to protect yourself and maintain the initiative...



You'll instantly know how to handle any incoming punch:

  • Hit without getting hit.
  • Build an impenetrable defensive wall.
  • Learn to stop or nullify opponent's punches with blocks, parries, catches, and movement.
  • Nullify the power in your opponent's punches with rolls.
  • Expertly evade punches with slips, ducks, bobbing and weaving.

With a solid boxing fundamentals base drilled  into you - we'll cover more advanced topics including:


combinations, counter-punching, and strategy

Control the tempo of the fight and learn to make your opponent do what you want him or her to:

  • Become unstoppable with highly effective boxing combinations.
  • Regain lost initiative by safely transitioning from defense to offense with counter-punching.
  • Use deceptions and feints to lure your opponent into ambushes and keep them guessing as to what you might do.
  • Totally control the ring with ring generalship and fight strategy.
  • Clinches, corner control, baiting, and more...

And of course, throughout, you'll be improving your conditioning - stamina, strength, agility, speed and power as you follow the 12 week boxing training plan.

The 12 Week Boxing Training Plan

Pit two boxers against one another with equal amounts of skill and what determines the winner?Determination and conditioning.  

Boxers are some of the fittest all-round athletes on the planet.  To be a boxer, you'll need a level of fitness that allows you to go all out and smash your opponent for three minutes while still maintaining the ability to think.  You'll need to be able to recover in less than a minute between rounds and you'll need enough gas to go round after round until the final bell.  That kind of fitness requires a specific kind of training.

  • check
    12 Weeks is long enough to get you fight ready.  This training plan is periodized meaning it gradually builds you up to a level of fitness where you are ready to step into the ring.
  • check
    This training plan is progressive.  Ever four week block builds on the block before it to ramp up the intensity and focus.  Once you peak you transition to lower intensities before you ramp it all over again.  The cycle is designed so you can use it over and over again for continuous long-term improvement.
  • check
    This training plan is sequenced and integrates the boxing lessons you are learning.  Techniques progress from simple to more complex and everything is customizable to the level you are at.

This training plan is old school.  It's a PDF that you can print into a nice size book to take with you to the gym.  You can use it with your fitness app to track your progress digitally if that's your thing.

Key Features Available in the Boxing Skills Stream

The Boxing Skills Stream makes you an all-round better boxer by addressing conditioning, skill development, psychological adaptation, habit formation, and even a few life lessons.

Orientation Course

Online training is not easy to stick to.  This quick orientation will help you set conditions that will lead to success while showing you all that is available at Commando Boxing.

Boxing Lessons

Continuously growing database of boxing lessons ranging from absolute beginner to more advanced topics that you can integrate into your training. 

Boxing Training Plan

12 week, periodized, sequenced boxing training plan that ensures you have the strength, speed, power, body composition, stamina, and endurance to fight and win.


Sometimes it's hard to stay motivated and focused.  Having been where you are now, I can help you when you need help to keep you on track.

Progress Tracking

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing before/after pictures side by side, measurements increasing or decreasing, or lessons checked off as complete.  You can track it all with the plan and tools.

Messaging System

When you have a question, get answers.  You have unlimited access to me .  If you run into problems or need a little extra help, I'm here to get you back on track.

Drills and Techniques

An ever-expanding library of video boxing drills that are used in the training plan and can be used to customize your own training plans for yourself or your club.

How Much Is This Investment in Yourself?

A reasonable amount to pay for one-on-one boxing training that includes 84 days of training over 12 weeks at an average of one hour/day with a coach charging $50/hr comes to $4200.

Even a cheap personal trainer with no specific boxing experience at say $20/hr would cost $1680.

The local boxing club near me starts at $70/month which includes 2 x 1hr lessons each week.  The rest of the week you're on your own.  Assuming you have the knowledge and desire to put together a comprehensive training plan for yourself - you might be able to cover the same amount of material in about three months depending on how fast the coach goes for a total of $210.

Commando Boxing provides a comprehensive, periodized 12 week boxing training plan incorporating boxing drills and techniques plus a growing repository of sequenced boxing lessons to take an absolute beginner from knowing absolutely nothing about boxing to a point where you have a solid boxing foundation - and you can do it for less than $30.

Here's a breakdown of key features:



Commando Boxing Orientation Course


Unlimited Access to Boxing Lessons Database


Unlimited Access to Boxing Drills Repository


12 Week Boxing Training Plan (Printable PDF)


Unlimited Email Support


30 Day Money Back Guarantee


What Do You Mean By Self-Guided?

Self-Guided doesn't leave you completely on your own - you still have access to me via email whenever you want - however, it is old-school.  You'll be a member and have an account that you login to here on Commando Boxing.  This account is where you'll access all the boxing lessons, techniques, and drills.

The 12 week training plan is in PDF form.  It is designed to be printed into a nice small book that you can take with you to wherever you are training and record your workouts.  It's basically an offline version of the training plan.

Intro to Boxing


Hi Coach Aaron, Thank you very much for this opportunity. I have done some boxing training previously and am looking to get back into it. I would like to predominantly train at home, so I decided to start your course to help me do that, get my body in better shape and develop good mental habits about fitness and life in general. Regards, The Death Train

The Death Train

Start Training Today:


Boxing Skills and 12 Week Training Plan



  • 12 Week Boxing Training Plan (PDF).
  • Unlimited Access to all of Commando Boxing's ever growing database of sequenced boxing lessons.
  • Unlimited access to all of Commando Boxing's ever growing database of boxing drills and techniques.
  • Member of the Commando Boxing online boxing club.

My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like the Boxing Skills Stream and your membership to Commando Boxing, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after purchasing.  If you have any issues, just get in touch with me and I'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.


Here are answers to some common questions about Commando Boxing's Boxing Skills Stream:

Am I going to have to buy a lot of equipment to learn how to box?

I can watch boxing videos on Youtube for free - why should I pay for these lessons and training?

Is boxing training actually effective?

Is the Boxing Skills Stream just boxing training or is there a nutrition plan as well?

Is the Boxing Skills Stream suitable for women, age groups, skill levels, etc...?

I already own my own equipment and have experience with conditioning training - does the Boxing Skills Stream take that into account?

How much time do I need to devote to training each day?

How long does it take to get access and start training after signing up?

How soon can I expect to see results?

What if I need help?

Lock in your Lowest Price - Keep Your Membership and the Price Will Never Go Up

The fact is that the value of Commando Boxing grows as more boxing lessons, content, training plans, and courses are added.  You think Commando Boxing is impressive now?  Imagine what it will look like in another year or two.

As tools are added and technology continues to improve how online training is delivered, the price for training will inevitably go up.

But here's the real kicker:

Once you're locked into the stream, you're in.  You don't get charged again and you don't lose access. The price only increases for new visitors who've not yet signed up.

Join the stream now and in the not too distant future, you'll find yourself using an advanced boxing training program and suite of training tools for a fraction of the price others are paying for it!

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