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Currently Accepting Applications.

There is a quick (free) application process that helps me select people who are serious about making a body transformation. We can start working together almost immediately if you are a successful applicant.

For more info about the program, read on, and if you're interested in joining, I strongly recommend you Apply Now now while I'm accepting applications. Don't miss your chance to be my next body transformation success story.

Commando Boxing Coaching for Women

The total fitness solution you've been looking for - a program designed to take care of YOU and give you all the attention you need to see the body you want.

I'll take you through the Commando Boxing Coaching for Women program which takes the same intense, challenging, interesting training and nutrition for men and makes it work for women.

There's no fluff or "girlie" workouts here - I teach what science shows actually works - not hyped up claims that exist to sell magazines...

...And I back it up with an unbeatable guarantee: do what I say and if you don't look in the mirror and see the body of your dreams, it's free.

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Commando Boxing Coaching for Men

An ultra-efficient fat loss and muscle building program for guys that want to see their abs, look leaner and stronger.

You'll work with me to completely transform your body. In Commando Boxing Coaching for Men, you get daily coaching and support. I hold you accountable to keep you on track and consistent.

I give you step-by-step military style training that won't bore you to death or require you to buy expensive equipment.

Certified by Precision Nutrition, I teach you how and what to eat -- and I'm there to answer any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

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