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Boxing Body Transformation Programs

Total body transformations for everyone. That's my mission. And my Commando Boxing Body Transformation (CBBT) and Commando Boxing Coaching (CBC) Programs are the result of over 16 years of combat training and boxing experience.


It's not just about changing your body - although you will...

It's about living the life you've always wanted...

...and it's easier than you think. Start today for FREE.

Please select the program that applies to you for a free five day transformation course:

Free Fitness Course for Women
Free Fitness Course for Men

At the very core, I help people save themselves from misery and pain. I challenge them to start living and make them believe that getting in shape is not only possible - but easier than they might think. And I guarantee everything I do. If you don't get the body you want, I give you all your money back. It's that simple.



If you have some self-discipline - my Commando Boxing Body Transformation (CBBT) Program is your ticket to a new body. It's the total body fitness solution you've been looking for - a boxing training program designed to remove any confusion while mentoring you to obtain the body you want.

You'll get daily step-by-step direction to guide you through your CBBT with an intense, challenging, interesting training and nutritional program - tailored to whether you are male or female.

There's no fluff here - in blocks of three month sessions I teach what science shows actually works - not hyped up claims that exist to sell magazines...

...And I back it up with an unbeatable guarantee: do what I say and if you don't look in the mirror and see the body of your dreams, it's free.


Learn more about CBBT for womenLearn more about CBBT for men


Some people require a little more supervision and personalized motivation to help them through a transformation. My personalized Commando Boxing Coaching (CBC) program is as close to working with a personal trainer as one can get in an online program.

You'll work with me to completely transform your body. In Commando Boxing Coaching, you get daily coaching and support. I hold you accountable to keep you on track and consistent.

I give you what you need to succeed using step-by-step boxing training that won't bore you to death or require you to buy expensive equipment.

Certified by Precision Nutrition, I teach you how and what to eat -- and I'm there to answer any questions or concerns you may have along the way.


Learn more about CBBT for womenLearn more about CBBT for men