Free 5-Day Mini-Course

Use Boxing to Transform Your Body to Look and Feel Great - in 5 Free Video Lessons

To really change your body for good, you have to fix the way you eat and train. No amount of training alone or magical supplements will make such a noticeable difference in the way you look and feel.

So let's fix it.

At Commando Boxing, we take ordinary men and women and introduce them to their extraordinary selves to create dramatic body transformations.  

This quick course is a super condensed version of the full Commando Boxing Body Transformation experience, giving you the absolutely essential elements you need to transform your body by losing fat and building muscle, in five short video lessons.

Doing these five things will get you further than you ever thought possible - and save you years of wasted effort and frustration.

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    The Law of Body Transformation. 
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    Exactly what to eat and how much.
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    Exercise principles, boxing, and military fitness training.
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    Supplements to consider that can speed things up.
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    How one decision can give you a huge advantage.