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Over 6600 awesome people have already started boxing training using Commando Boxing's 10 Day Boxing and Bodyweight Basic Training for FREE...

...and you're awesome too.

Boxing training


Use our step-by-step system and start punching, defending, and moving like a boxer. Combined with the training plan - you'll build a solid base of boxing skills that you can then use with a trainer. 


  • Absolute beginners who want to learn how to box
  • Current boxers who want to supplement the training they are getting in their club
  • People with boxing experience who no longer belong to a club, but want some drills and skills to practice on their own or with friends
  • Trainers looking for a detailed, progressive curriculum to use in their own boxing clubs.


Man or Woman - get a boxer's body by training like a boxer. Boxing training makes you stronger, leaner, and faster with exciting and varied workouts that won't bore you in the gym.  Try boxing training and you'll be hooked for life.


  • Anyone who wants to use boxing to get lean, build muscle, and transform their body
  • Current boxers who need help with their conditioning to increase stamina, speed, and power in the ring
  • Anyone who is bored with regular gym workouts and wants training that includes boxing drills and techniques
  • People who want to change how they look using boxing training and nutrition

Coach Aaron, Commando Boxing


Boxing training boosts confidence, reshapes bodies, and makes people stronger, faster, and more powerful. Whether the motivation to learn is fitness, competition, or self defense, I do my best to help people reap the benefits of boxing and achieve goals. 

If you want to learn, I promise to help you learn how to box too. Boxon.


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It's One of the Best...


I'm an ex RAF trainer, three time Commonwealth Games Coach, and coach of Jane Couch (winner of five world titles). I would like to say that its one of the best that I have read on boxing skills.

Over 6600 awesome people have already started boxing training using Commando Boxing's 10 Day Boxing and Bodyweight Basic Training for FREE...

...and you're awesome too.