Frequently Asked Questions

Every day I receive emails from people who are new to boxing, people thinking about starting boxing, people thinking about thinking about starting boxing and so on.

A lot of them ask the same questions.

I wish they had posted them to the site so everyone can learn from them, but alas, everyone seems to like the individual one on one conversation and is scared of publishing their questions for all to read. Stop it, there are other people just like you...

Anyways, here are the most frequently asked questions regarding how to get started in boxing or how to fix something or how fill in the blank:

This page will grow over time and they are in no particular order:

General Boxing Questions

Do I really have to wrap my hands to box?

I wear glasses or contacts, can I still box?

Boxing Equipment Questions

What kind of boxing gloves, wraps, heavy bag, mouthguard, speed bag, skipping rope, etc... should I buy?

What is the minimum I should buy to start boxing?

Boxing Gym or Club Questions

Do you know of a boxing gym or a boxing trainer living in .....(fill in the blank)?

Boxing Training Questions

How far do you think I should run every day to get in shape?

Boxing Nutrition Questions

Can you develop me a meal plan to help me lose weight/gain weight/tone up/tone down, etc...?