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Approved Resources

These are the products and services I personally have experience with and recommend for learning how to box, increasing your fitness level, and building an online training business.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. Please understand that I have experience with all of these companies and products. I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.

Commando Boxing Approved Supplements

I take three supplements and a daily Greens Supplement is one of them...Athletic Greens - Before discovering Athletic Greens I took a daily multivitamin as nutritional insurance. Turns out that a whole bunch of recent studies have proven that doing that is both a waste of money and potentially damaging. On the other hand, plants and other superfoods that we rarely eat enough of have so many nutritional benefits so it was a no-brainer when I looked into Athletic Greens as a replacement for the multivitamin.

At first, it seemed really expensive to me, but when I factor in not buying multivitamins and the fact that I'm getting optimal amounts of 75 different naturally occurring nutrients every single day, it's actually a tremendous value (Free Trial Offer). You'd spend far more buying each of these nutrients separately.

Online Training Business Resources

Every online or offline trainer needs a website. Commando Boxing is built on the open source Drupal CMS platform. Bluehost provides one-click installs of Drupal making it super easy to get your website up and running in as little as four minutes from sign up to your first blog post.

Bluehost makes it possible for coaches and online trainers to break into the world of online training for only $4/month. Good luck starting an offline training business for that. Take the first step to owning your own online training business and sign up for web hosting with Bluehost.


When you're ready to take your boxing or fitness training to the next level (and someday you will be) then use our boxing gym directory to find a club or trainer near you. It's free to use and it's free to list your club or trainer.

At some point you're going to want to try your skills in the ring or at least use a partner to work on boxing skills that are more difficult to learn by yourself. A boxing gym or club is the way to go if there is one near you.


Precision Nutrition 3.0 - Building healthy, lean, high-performance physiques in record time.

Note: This is a physical product that gets shipped to you. As I am Precision Nutrition certified, I use concepts of this system in my Commando Boxing Coaching Program. .

Precision Nutrition 3.0 is the most comprehensive practical nutrition program available anywhere. It's the culmination of 13 years work in the field of nutrition research and coaching. Over that time, the system has helped by last count over 180,000 members transform their bodies through nutrition. It's a step-by-step method of guiding new clients to goals they never thought they could achieve.


  • 10 nutrition guidebooks contained in the PN 3.0 System binder
  • A hard copy of Gourmet Nutrition Volume 1 cookbook
  • Full membership to the PN Member Zone with access to the comprehensive PN Member only online resource library
  • 1 year unlimited access to 24/7 online support from the PN Experts

For only $97. Click here for more info or to buy now.


The GYMBOSS is a small, easy to use, repeating interval timer. This multi-use timer has many versatile functions that make it beneficial to virtually any type of exercise program.

The Gymboss can be used as a repeating interval timer, countdown timer, or stopwatch. Great for:

  • MMA/Boxing
  • Tabata
  • HiiT
  • Cardio
  • Kettlebell
  • Crossfit
  • Weightlifting, Running, Stretching, etc...

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A band training package that will provide unlimited resistance options, with the most ordered accessories and best resistance band strength training DVD. The Advanced Total Fitness Package was created for those fitness enthusiasts that want to transform their body with resistance band training anywhere, anytime at any intensity.


  • 2 Red Bands, 2 Black Bands, 2 Purple Bands, 2 Green Bands
  • 1 Band Utility Strap
  • 1 Pair of Training Handles
  • Proven 4 Week Beginner Digital Workout Program
  • Resistance Bands Unleashed DVD Series
  • A FREE RBT Sport Bag

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The Ultimate Foam Roller

Adam Wood B.Kin CSCS & Arysta Bogner-Wood B.Kin, are the creators of the Travel Roller®. A combined two decades of real world training, injury, and rehabilitation experiences of these two world class athletes matched with their Kinesiology degrees brought about the revolutionary all-in-one portable massage tool – the Travel Roller®.

The Travel Roller® is the “Original” durable, portable foam roller. The Travel Roller is the smallest most durable, human friendly body roller available and has been sold to tens of thousands worldwide. It is compact and the ergonomically correct size allows the user to self massage through the entire body - quads, IT band, lower back, upper back, shoulders, hamstrings, calves, feet, and neck.

The cutting edge earth-conscious Travel Roller design has washable and replaceable foam coverings which are PVC and rubber free! Adjustable 'Hard or Soft' settings for variable comfort and skill. The hollow center storage compartment can be used to store personal items or is the convenient storage of the 3 density acupressure balls. The Travel Roller's extra firm design does not deform and carries a 1 year warranty.

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Total Body Measurement

In the gym and in life – you want to Measure Up! AccuFitness, the most recognized name in body fat and composition measuring devices, delivers the POWER THREE ADVANTAGE with the . . .FatTrack® GOLD PREMIUM.

Three serious body fat management tools - packaged for your success!

The FatTrack® GOLD PREMIUM with FREE MyoTape and BodyTracker Software enables you to measure (AND TRACK*) Body Fat %, Lean Body Mass, and more by yourself, - easily, accurately and in the privacy of your own home!

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