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General articles about boxing. You will find posts on fights, general boxing topics and boxing related information.

If it isn't a boxing tip or boxing training but its still boxing related, it is listed here.

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What to Expect when Joining a Boxing Gym

Does it make you anxious when you think about walking into or joining a boxing gym or club?

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I get emails all the time from people who want to learn to box but are terrified of walking into a gym or talking to a trainer - and I get it - not only do you have to deal with the unknown and being the new guy or gal in class, but with boxing all that fear is magnified when you think that someone is going to want to punch you in the face.

Most of us aren't bred for combat.

The Ins and Outs of Buying a Heavy Bag

For anyone that has ever gone shopping for a heavy bag, the vast selection can be very confusing.

The Heavy Bag
You will quickly find that there are a vast array of weights, fills, and coverings.

What is the difference between a 70lb heavy bag and a 100lb heavy bag? Does it matter what kind of fill it has? How about the covering? Is leather better than canvas?

All are valid questions and questions I myself had when I was looking for a bag to hang in my garage. In the end, I seriously asked myself exactly what I was going to use it for and went from there. So you can learn from my experience, here is what I found out.

The Best Boxing Gift Ideas for the Aspiring Boxer

I'm sure most of us have felt the stress of trying to figure out what to buy someone for Christmas. That stress is one of the reasons why my family and I no longer do the whole buying presents thing and instead opt to head south on vacation over Christmas (that and we live in Canada where it's cold...)

If skipping Christmas (or other holidays) isn't an option for you and you have someone on your Christmas list who is a boxer (or wannabe boxer) then I can't eliminate your stress, but at least I can point you to some things any aspiring boxer would likely love to have.

And if you're the boxer, then sharing this list with your friends and family might mean the difference between getting something you want versus another pair of socks.

Beware of Boxing Bad Ass Syndrome

I have no doubt that online training can be useful for some boxers looking to learn the fundamentals on their own,

It all Comes Down to You

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and I've previously written about learning to box online using online boxing programs such as Commando Boxing's online boxing club. So it may surprise you when I now say that you need to go out and find other people to train with...

Not having access to a trainer or club doesn't mean you should lock yourself away and learn boxing all by yourself.

In this post I'm going to cover why you should be training with a partner, how a partner can help you improve as a boxer and help you avoid boxing bad ass syndrome (whether the partner wants to learn to box or not) and give you a tool you can use to find sparring or training partners near where you live.

Boxing Combinations: Part Two (The Three Defensive Combos You Must Know)

There are defensive boxing combinations as well as offensive boxing combinations.

Defensive Combo

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You hear the clang of the bell and you move out of your corner towards your opponent.

Your jab strikes out with blistering speed but you're not even thinking about it anymore - you've already moved onto punch two in the combination - the straight right.

Your weight begins to shift and then....whack... you get smoked up side the head with your opponent's right as it crossed over your jab. Before you can figure out what's going on....whack....your head is snapped to your left as your opponent lands a left hook....whack....a straight right sends you reeling backwards.

Wait a second weren't you the one with the initiative. Weren't you the aggressor - the attacker - in control of the fight?

Do You Believe in the Right Hook?

I recently got a question from Joe in Atlanta:

Hey coach Aaron -

I joined up for the lifetime membership last month. Boxing out of Atlanta. Question for you...and if you have already answered it just point me to the site And I'll find it Is there ever a good reason for a orthodox boxer to throw a right hook? The trainers at my gym are pretty aligned that unless you are a vicious inside fighter there is no good reason for a righty to throw a right hook. Thoughts?



As I have not addressed the steamy controversy surrounding right hooks on the site yet other than to include it in the training I figured now is as good a time as any to get into the debate.

Boxing Combinations: Part One (Including the Four You Must Learn)

As an attacker, throwing one perfect punch by itself can be effective but punches delivered in vollies of two, three, four, five, six or more become totally devastating.

Boxing Combos

As a defender, you can block, duck, or slip one punch fairly easily, but you'll have problems getting out of the way of five incoming, well thrown punches in sequence.

That specific sequence of punches forms a boxing combination. Boxers start by learning to throw individual punches but quickly progress to training that incorporates boxing combinations instead of single shots. Boxing combinations become the default attack and counter attack response and many trainers go as far as reprimanding their boxers for throwing a single jab in a fight or sparring situation.

Combinations take skill, stamina, and discipline to defend against and deliver. Just as you will train and prepare to throw combinations at your opponents, your opponents are training to throw them right back at you.

The Home Made Boxing Gym Guide

One of the things I love about boxing is how affordable it is to start. It lowers the barrier of entry and opens the door for people to choose learning how to box over learning how to do other sports.

There are only a handful of sports where you, by yourself, can progress and learn skills without having to buy a whole lot of equipment.

Even better - if you're at the point where you do need or want some boxing equipment to take your training to the next level - there is nothing spectacular or complicated about boxing equipment and it's possible to improvise most of what you need and DIY with low cost materials. So if you're broke or simply don't want to go out and buy equipment you should consider building yourself a home made boxing gym.

How to Shadowbox

The term shadowboxing comes from a training method that boxers use where they pretend to box their shadow on a wall, although more commonly they use a mirror.

Boxing for Self Defense

Warning - you may see things in this article that are upsetting.

I wish I could tell you that the world you live in is perfectly safe and nothing bad will ever happen to you and you don't need to learn how to fight.

Evil Exists

Photo by Cliff

I wish I could tell you that you will never be involved in a situation where you have to defend yourself or a loved one from someone intent on hurting you/them.

Some naive people will tell you that if you're submissive, mind your own business and don't get involved you'll never have a need to defend yourself.

I won't - and that really is no way to live.