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Welcome to the
Boxing Skills and 12 Week Training Plan Stream

First, I just want to take a second and say thank-you for becoming a Commando Boxing Club member.  You've made a great decision to use this training to either learn how to box or improve your existing boxing skills and conditioning.

Your one-time payment means you will have access to everything below that exists now or that I add in the future to these databases of boxing lessons, skills, and drills.  You've locked in at as low a price as it will ever be.  It will undoubtedly go higher as more content is added.



Take the orientation course.  It's basically your user-guide for the club and it will help you move successfully through the boxing skills stream on your own.


Start moving through the boxing training to learn the fundamentals.  If you're new to boxing, you're going to need to do this before you start the training.


Download the 12 Week Boxing Training Plan from the links below.  Use the Boxing Skills Database for demonstrations and start reaping the benefits of boxing training. 

In addition to all the regular club stuff you can find on Commando Boxing, as a self-guided boxing skills club member you have access to the following:

12 Week Boxing Training Plan (PDF)

Phase 1

(Weeks 1-4)

Phase 2

(Weeks 5-8)

Phase 3

(Weeks 9-12)

Right click and save as to download each file to your computer.  Each is designed to print into a small booklet that you can take with you to wherever you train if you wish.


Boxing Drills and Techniques

You have unlimited access to Commando Boxing's ever growing database of boxing drills and techniques - many of which are used in the 12 week boxing training plan.  You can access it from the Resources link in main nav bar or right from here.

Commando Boxing Training and Courses

You have unlimited access to Commando Boxing's ever growing database of boxing lessons and training.