Boxing Training

10 Day Bodyweight and Boxing Basic Training

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About this course

I hope so because over the next 10 days you're going to get a daily dose of boxing using Commando Boxing's How to Box System. By the end of it, you're going to be well on your way to becoming a boxer with a body to match.  I hope that excites you. I absolutely love this sport and am pretty damn sure you will too.

Don't worry if you think you're in over your head...I want to assure you that it doesn't matter if you've never thrown a punch in your life because I'm going to start from the beginning and cover it all.

But first, a disclaimer...

I can't turn you into a professional boxer or champion over the internet and anyone that says they can is full of crap. If you have visions of being the next Tyson, Lewis, Pacquaio, Mosley, or Mayweather then you need a trainer.

Commando Boxing will teach you a lot of boxing techniques.  You may even win a few fights using what you learn, but to compete in the amateurs or reach professional status, you need a real-life trainer to work with you daily to hone your skills and conditioning.


No Club, No Trainer, No Competition!

To reach a level of skill and conditioning to compete as an amateur or be successful as a professional boxer, you need a real-life trainer to work with you consistently to hone your skills and conditioning.

That said, if you have two fists you can box ...and if you  put in the effort to create a few new habits, you can use Commando Boxing to develop a strong boxing foundation and develop one hell of a fine looking body to go along with your new boxing skills.

This 10 days of basic training is only a sample of what boxing training is like and is meant for people who aren't really sure if they want to box or not.  It's a bit of a teaser that takes you through a few key boxing skills to use in boxing and bodyweight workouts.  The benefit to you is that it is a pretty low time and equipment commitment and should give you an idea if you want to go any further.

If you already know that boxing is something you want to take more seriously either for competition or fitness, then I highly recommend you just dive right into the Boxing Skills Stream using a 12 Week Training Plan.


Who It's For

  • check Absolute beginners who want to learn how to box
  • check Current boxers who want to supplement the training they are getting in their club
  • check People with boxing experience who don't belong to a club, but want drills and skills to practice on their own or with friends
  • check Trainers looking for a detailed, progressive curriculum to use in their own boxing clubs.

What it Includes

  • check Step by step boxing lessons from beginner through to advanced
  • check Progressive boxing training to take you from knowing nothing about boxing to a level where you have both the skill and conditioning to quickly start working with a trainer
  • check Lessons on the sweet science of boxing to include boxing strategy, ring generalship, combat principles, and so on

Why It Might Be For You

  • check You don't have access to a  boxing club or trainer where you live, but really want to learn how to box
  • check You're nervous about walking into a real boxing club and would like to develop some skills and confidence before taking it to the next level
  • check You're not sure you really want to learn how to box, but want to try it out somewhere you have nothing to lose 

If the Boxing Skills Stream interests you...


Aim of Training

To take you step-by-step through our boxing basic training (ten days of a complete boxing training plan).

Main Effort

To get you hooked on boxing.



You have successfully followed a ten day training plan while learning a number of essential boxing fundamentals.  You will have increased your upper and lower body strength, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning and boxing skills.  You'll be ready for more in depth training.


Time Required

Nine more days (after today) - anywhere from a couple minutes to 90+min per day.


Online access to watch videos, mirror, heavy bag (recommended), hand wraps (recommended), bag gloves (recommended), jump rope (recommended).

Just like you've already received an email that sent you here, each day for the next nine days, you should watch your inbox for an email reminding you to do that day's training.  Training will consist of a boxing lesson or lessons (with assignments) that teaches you an essential boxing skill and a bodyweight or boxing workout.



Take out your calendar and look at each of the next nine days. Pick a time on each of those days that you are going to dedicate to do the training. This is non-negotiable time - once you pick that time, you stick to it - NOTHING interferes with training time. 

When the next email arrives, you click the link and follow the instructions in that lesson - that's all you have to do, every day, and you will successfully complete this course. It's that simple.

Note: You don't have to wait for the next email to show up in your inbox.  If you want to move ahead in the lessons, just ensure you're logged into your account and click the Boxing Training link in menu of the home page and select the 10 Day Boxing and Bodyweight Basic Training from the list of courses.  All 10 days of lessons are listed there.

Ideally you should follow the training plan exactly as it is.  It schedules in rest and recovery days so don't think you're going to beast yourself hard every day for the next nine days.  Now, even though I said NOTHING interferes with training, you also have to be ADAPTABLE .  Shit happens and something in your life is probably going to try and mess up your training time.  If that happens, don't panic - just move your training to a different slot in your day or as a last resort, move it to the next day. 

The key here is to be as consistent as you can.  Learn, practice, and train every day. 


Use the form below and tell us your story - why you want to learn how to box or use boxing to get in shape. I'm always interested and sometimes amazed when I find out why people get involved in the sport.  Your story could inspire someone else to do the same.

Note: Don't drive yourself nuts trying to figure out how to upload a picture with your story because that's not how it works.  If you want your picture to show up you need a Gravatar .

Remove Picture Why do you want to learn how to box? What's your story? Share Your Story

Thanks for submitting your story.

After you've submitted your story - read a few of the others .  A lot of them are probably very similar to your own.  People want to learn to box for many reasons and it's remarkable to see the wide variety of people and stories using Commando Boxing.

Enjoy the stories. Until next time - Boxon.

Course Structure

Introduction to Boxing

Get Ready to Box 1 Lesson


Today, I'm aiming to get  you hooked on boxing and to do that, there are a couple things to do that will help you stay on track for the next 10 days.  So today is about understanding the upcoming training, sharing your story, and getting ready to start down the road to becoming a boxer.

Introduction to Boxing

Day 1 1 Lesson

Day 1: Initial Progress Report – Wrap Hands – Make Fist – Bodyweight A

The best boxers not only protect themselves and others with the right equipment, but they develop a strong foundation and master the basics.  Not only will you learn how to wrap your hands today, but you'll learn how to properly make a fist and punch to prevent injury.

Introduction to Boxing

Day 2 1 Lesson

Day 2: Stance and Guard – Footwork – Bodyweight B

Today, you'll learn how to get in to your boxing guard, hold your hands and head, and move around like a boxer. Boxing footwork is a key skill and something you'll be practicing for years.  The more "fleet of foot" you are, the quicker you'll be, and the more success you'll have.  Don't neglect the footwork.

Introduction to Boxing

Day 3 1 Lesson

Day 3: Boxing Punches – Punch Numbering – Jab – Straight Right – Bodyweight C

Today you learn some boxing offense.  First you'll learn about boxing punches and how/why coaches number them.  Then you'll learn to throw the most important punch in boxing - the jab.  You'll also find out when to use it.  Once you have the jab ready to go, we'll add in a straight right (or left) so you also have a power punch in your toolbox. 

Introduction to Boxing

Day 4 1 Lesson

Day 4: Rest and Recovery – Shadow Boxing

You've got three fairly intense body weight workouts behind you.  Today is a day for rest and recovery - but that doesn't mean you aren't going to learn something.  While your body rests and recovers, we'll cover shadowboxing so you're ready for the upcoming boxing workouts.

Introduction to Boxing

Day 5 1 Lesson

Day 5: Boxing Combinations – 1-2 – Boxing Training

Now that you have two punches in your arsenal you can use them together in boxing combinations like the famous 1-2 which you'll try out today.  As you add more punches you'll be able to throw more complex combinations with devastating effect.  Today will also be your first full boxing workout.

Introduction to Boxing

Day 6 1 Lesson

Day 6: Boxing Defense – Forearm Block Against Straights – Bodyweight D

You're going to end up in a defensive posture sooner or later.  Your opponent is going to throw punches at you and knowing how to block them instead of letting them bounce of your skull is a skill I'm sure you want to learn.  Learn it and learn it well...(add it to your daily rituals).

Introduction to Boxing

Day 7 1 Lesson

Day 7: Rest and Recovery - Science of Boxing

Boxing strategy is something I doubt you will ever master.  You can always get deeper into it.  At it's root level - boxing is combat and philosophers and great thinkers have devoted their entire lives to trying to understand warfare and combat.  There are the mental aspects, the physical aspects - and how thousands of factors interact...all that to say is you will never run out of things to learn with boxing.  While you're devoting another day to rest and recovery - you'll learn a bit about boxing strategy.

Introduction to Boxing

Day 8 1 Lesson

Day 8: Forearm Block Against Hooks – Boxing Training

- You're going to get better and better the more you drill the movements and techniques.  That's especially true with blocks.  It's not something you're going to be able to think about before doing - the block has to be instinctual when a punch is launched at you.  The only way to get to that point is by drilling it over and over again until you no longer think about it - it just happens.  Today we'll add another forearm block - this time protecting you from hooks.

Introduction to Boxing

Day 9 1 Lesson

Day 9: Final Progress Report – Bodyweight E

So you've made it to the last day of training - give yourself a pat on the back.  Today is the day you're going to get to see the improvements that even a short period of consistent training can result in.

Introduction to Boxing

Day 10: Now What - Your Next Steps 1 Lesson

Now What – Your Next Steps on Commando Boxing

It's a bit cliche, but it is true that you're never going to be happy if you constantly look forward to the end result of whatever it is you are doing.  With boxing training, you never really get there - it's a lifelong journey if you let it be - and it can be extremely rewarding.  Today we'll explore some options for continuing your boxing journey.