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Video Transcript

So, it's Day 5 and the last day of this free body transformation course. As I mentioned yesterday, you've got all the knowledge you need to change your body. You've got an idea of what and how much to eat, a four week boxing training plan to get started, and an idea of how certain nutritional supplements can help with your progress.

And that's where most people stop...

You see, it's not enough too have all this knowledge - you have to act. In fact, I probably didn't share anything surprisingly new. You may even feel you knew all this and more from spending hours, days, weeks, or even years reading about fitness and nutrition on the internet. It's not like the information is not available. Google anything and you'll get a link that leads to more information that leads to more information until you are completely paralyzed from acting because of information overload.

Honestly, achieving an eye-popping body transformation on your own is not the easiest thing to do. 98 out of 100 will fail on a self-directed program. But somehow, a few people here and there manage to do it and maintain it. They aren't the majority, but there are thousands, even hundreds of thousands of them. They are normal people - so it is possible.

I've personally been honored to help those I have achieve their body transformation with my Commando Boxing program.

So, if people are making these transformations, and these people are just like you and me, then how are they cutting through the BS, overcoming the information overload, and getting it done?

There are two things they are doing differently than others:

First, successful people find help. They don't try something as life altering as a body transformation on their own. They get a coach or someone who has done what they want to do and they do what that coach or person says. They put some faith in the fact that that coach or person has done it before them and they do it too.

Really it has less to do with getting a coach than it does with just making a connection with an actual human being even if it is online - to have someone there to support you and keep you on track. Mentorship and a support system are essential for any type of massive change - including body transformations. Those that get that fact succeed, those that don't fail.

So the first and easiest thing you can do to ensure you achieve your body transformation is to find a human being to teach you how.

You might be wondering - why? What am I going to get from a coach or mentor that I can't get myself on the internet?

Well, the answer to that is related to the second reason people succeed.

We are designed to think. When there is any type of uncertainty, we try and reduce the fog of war by ingesting more information. Unfortunately, more information leads to more questions and further research. It's a never-ending cycle that results in years passing and nothing to show for it.

If a coach is any good - they understand this cycle of paralysis - and are trained to stop it and simplify things so you can skip the analysis and research and get to the action part - that part of the equation that never seems to come to people trying to do this on their own.

Even those that do manage to transform the theory into action go about it all wrong. They think that massive results come from massive change and go about overhauling every aspect of their lives all at once. They impose impossible eating rules and force themselves into the gym 5-6 days of the week right from the start. By week 2, if they last that long, they realize that their life isn't structured to accept these changes - are getting push back from everyone and everywhere and when it all comes to a head - they abandon their efforts. They fail.

In contrast, consider how I train my clients in the Commando Boxing program. My clients start with one new habit - for example - take a daily multivitamin. Is that going to completely change them overnight - no, but it is one small part of the bigger picture. It will help cure any nutritional deficiencies that are currently limiting their progress but they don't need to know that. I worry about the bigger picture and their end goal - my client doesn't. They are focused on today. My client simply has to take a daily multivitamin and I'll even tell him or her which one if need be. Anyone can do that - and eventually I'll introduce another habit, and another - but never before the client is able to handle it.

Now why would I do that? And why would anyone pay me to tell them to take a multivitamin?

Well, it's because that's the way one creates sustainable change. Before each new habit is introduced - I will flat out ask my client - "On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you that you can do this thing everyday for the next 14 days?" If they answer anything less than a 9, I know they will fail. So, I make the new habit even easier for them to follow and then ask the question again. If it's still too hard, I make it even simpler until I ask and the reaction is something like "Are you joking, of course I can do that for 14 days". Once I get that response, then we're ready to go and they are off and running - they are totally confident that they can fit this new activity into their life - they do - and we're one step closer to their body transformation.

Over time, all these little changes result in massive changes that are permanent - and it's why I ask my clients to commit to me for a year. After a year of small changes added together - they have the body of their dreams or I give them their money back because I failed as a coach. It's that simple.

In today's resource - I give you a checklist of simple daily habits that you can introduce into your life in much the same way. It's not an exhaustive list of things you must do to achieve your body transformation, but it's a great start. Pick one of the habits and ask yourself if you're confident you can do that activity for 14 days straight. If you answer with a 9 or 10, then do it. Once you successfully do it for 14 days straight, pick another one and ask the question again. Keep doing that until you've implemented them all. But - only one at a time - don't make it complicated.

Remember that 98 out of 100 people will fail on their own - not because they don't want it bad enough - but because they will do too much, too soon. The better way is to do less and do it longer and end up with exactly what you want.

So, that's it. You can now use the strategies in this course to start and actually achieve your body transformation. Get help, keep it simple and succeed or forget everything I just told you and likely fail miserably. Your choice.

Today's Resource

In today's video, you learned how to ensure your body transformation is a success. Today's resource is a checklist of 10 daily habits to start you on your way. Keep it simple and succeed -> less is more.  Thanks for taking the course and I wish you the best as you continue on your transformation journey.  Boxon.

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Course Structure

Boxing Body Transformation

Day 1: Introduction to Body Transformation

The Law of Body Transformation. Ignore this or the four factors that affect it and it won't matter how hard you train or what magical pill you take. But, if you understand this simple principle - changing your body composition is easier than you ever thought possible.

Boxing Body Transformation

Day 2: Nutrition for Transformation – Right Foods, Right Amounts

In today's lesson we'll discuss nutrition in more detail.  As you learned, nutrition is one of the four factors affecting the law of body transformation.  Now you'll learn what to eat and how much to support your transformation.  You'll also get portion control guides, great-tasting recipes, and the 21 superfoods you should be including in your diet.

Boxing Body Transformation

Day 3: Exercise for Transformation – Right Types, Right Amounts

No amount of exercise by itself will transform you. However, the right amount and type of exercise is useful for speeding up the transformation process, building new muscle, strengthening muscle you have, or reshaping certain areas of your body. In Day 3, I show you exactly how boxing workouts will help you to do that.

Boxing Body Transformation

Day 4: Supplements for Transformation – What Works and What Doesn’t

There is no magic pill that will solve all your problems, and there are thousands of supplements that are a complete waste of money and do nothing for you. That said, there are a couple that work and are useful for speeding up your transformation. On Day 4, I'll help you decide whether they are right for you.

Boxing Body Transformation

Day 5: Failure Prevention – Compliance Secrets to Ensure Your Transformation Succeeds

Most people (98% or more) that try to change their bodies fail. I know the specific reasons why and on Day 5, you'll find out too so you know how to avoid them.