5-Day Body Transformation

5 Lessons Beginner

About this course

This quick course is a super condensed version of CBBT giving you the absolutely essential elements you need to transform your body by losing fat and building muscle using boxing training, in five short video lessons. Doing these five things will get you further than you ever thought possible - and save you years of wasted effort and frustration.

Course Structure

Boxing Body Transformation

Day 1: Introduction to Body Transformation

The Law of Body Transformation. Ignore this or the four factors that affect it and it won't matter how hard you train or what magical pill you take. But, if you understand this simple principle - changing your body composition is easier than you ever thought possible.

Boxing Body Transformation

Day 2: Nutrition for Transformation – Right Foods, Right Amounts

In today's lesson we'll discuss nutrition in more detail.  As you learned, nutrition is one of the four factors affecting the law of body transformation.  Now you'll learn what to eat and how much to support your transformation.  You'll also get portion control guides, great-tasting recipes, and the 21 superfoods you should be including in your diet.

Boxing Body Transformation

Day 3: Exercise for Transformation – Right Types, Right Amounts

No amount of exercise by itself will transform you. However, the right amount and type of exercise is useful for speeding up the transformation process, building new muscle, strengthening muscle you have, or reshaping certain areas of your body. In Day 3, I show you exactly how boxing workouts will help you to do that.

Boxing Body Transformation

Day 4: Supplements for Transformation – What Works and What Doesn’t

There is no magic pill that will solve all your problems, and there are thousands of supplements that are a complete waste of money and do nothing for you. That said, there are a couple that work and are useful for speeding up your transformation. On Day 4, I'll help you decide whether they are right for you.

Boxing Body Transformation

Day 5: Failure Prevention – Compliance Secrets to Ensure Your Transformation Succeeds

Most people (98% or more) that try to change their bodies fail. I know the specific reasons why and on Day 5, you'll find out too so you know how to avoid them.