Commando Boxing Orientation

6 Lessons Beginner

About this course

Imagine you're actually walking into a boxing club.  Picture the ring, the heavy bags hanging around the room, and boxers of all ages jumping rope, shadowboxing, punching heavy bags or each other.  There's some music playing as people workout and you can hear the coach giving direction to boxers they are working with.  You're standing awkwardly in the doorway wondering where to go next.  You're excited to be there, to start learning how to box, but nobody is paying any attention to you...

Some clubs are better than others at welcoming new members.  I'm going to try and be one of the better ones.  So, now that you're in my imaginary club, picture yourself standing at my door.  That's when you see me walking over to you.

I greet you with a smile (cuz I'm a nice guy).  "Hi, I'm Aaron, welcome to Commando Boxing.  I'm guessing you walked in here because you want to learn how to box?"

We exchange pleasantries for a minute so I can get to know you a bit - find out how much boxing you've done in the past, what you're looking to get out of boxing - whether you're there to compete or get in shape, and so on.

After the initial introductions are over, I would then go on to give you a bit of a club orientation...

And that's what this Commando Boxing Orientation Course is for.  As your coach, I want you to start and be successful with any training you decide to take in the Commando Boxing Club.  This course will help you get ready for the training before actually starting the training.  Believe me, it's important.

Not all of these lessons will specifically be boxing related, but having trained people online since 2003, I've learned a thing or two about what keeps people on track and motivated in the club.  You have a far better chance of success and sticking to the training plans if you take the time now to make sure you've got all the preliminary stuff sorted out - like what equipment you have available, prioritizing time for training, making sure you do the basic things to keep yourself from getting injured and on and on.

So follow me...

Commando Boxing's How to Box System

No matter what club classes you decide to enroll in, you're going to train using Commando Boxing's How to Box System. It's a step-by step system that doesn't assume you know anything about boxing.  It starts at the beginning and teaches you everything you need to know as you need it to be successful in the class.

Don't worry if you think you're in over your head...I want to assure you that it doesn't matter if you've never thrown a punch in your life because I'm going to start from the beginning and cover it all.  If you have two fists you can box ...and if you create a few new habits, you'll have one hell of a fine looking body to go along with your new boxing skills.

I hope that excites you. I absolutely love this sport and am pretty damn sure you will too.

Now here's my disclaimer...

I can't turn you into a professional boxer or champion over the internet.  Nobody can and anyone that says they can is full of crap. If you have visions of being the next Tyson, Lewis, Pacquaio, Mosley, or Mayweather then you need a trainer and real life people to actually box with.  Commando Boxing's online classes and the How to Box System will help you become proficient with boxing basics and will even cover some more advanced topics.  You might even use what you learn and win a few fights over someone less prepared, but the first big thing you need to be clear on:


No Club, No Trainer, No Competition!

To compete in amateur boxing or reach a level of skill and conditioning to be successful as a professional boxer, you need a real-life trainer to work with you consistently to hone your skills and conditioning.

Commando Boxing Streams

My purpose for building Commando Boxing is to get you started with boxing and teach you as many skills as I can online, then gently nudge you towards joining an actual club and working with a real life trainer to further your development.  You can use those skills to improve your physique and fitness levels through the body transformation or boxing training plans available on the site or improve your self-esteem and gives you the confidence to walk into a gym to find a trainer and start competing.

If you already belong to a boxing club, you can use the boxing lessons and training plans here to supplement your gym training.  It's an unfortunate fact that a lot of clubs don't provide a lot of guidance to beginning boxers.  Often you're left figuring things out until you've proven yourself worthy of more of the coach's time.  If that's your situation, you can speed things up by learning all you can here and use the training plans to reach a level of fitness and conditioning where your trainers start to notice and invest more effort into you.

There are basically two streams you can choose to follow at Commando Boxing:


Who It's For

  • check Absolute beginners who want to learn how to box
  • check Current boxers who want to supplement the training they are getting in their club
  • check People with boxing experience who no longer belong to a club, but want some drills and skills to practice on their own or with friends
  • check Trainers looking for a detailed, progressive curriculum to use in their own boxing clubs.

What it Includes

  • check Step by step boxing lessons from beginner through to advanced
  • check Progressive boxing training to take you from knowing nothing about boxing to a level where you have both the skill and conditioning to quickly start working with a trainer
  • check Lessons on the sweet science of boxing to include boxing strategy, ring generalship, combat principles, and so on

Why It Might Be For You

  • check You don't have access to a  boxing club or trainer where you live, but really want to learn how to box
  • check You're nervous about walking into a real boxing club and would like to develop some skills and confidence before taking it to the next level
  • check You're not sure you really want to learn how to box, but want to try it out somewhere you have nothing to lose 

Symbols of Fitness Photo by loura

The boxing stream will help you learn boxing skills, but skill alone is not enough to become a great boxer . Boxers are some of the fittest all round athletes on the planet. You can be technically perfect, but if you haven't conditioned your body to perform at its peak - you'll never reach your ultimate potential.  That's why the How to Box System doesn't focus only on skill development - it also includes training plans you can use to put what you learn to use.

You'll also learn to think like a boxer to develop a strong mental game.  You'll work on your visualization skills, learn ring generalship and boxing strategies.

Some of you have no intention of ever competing.  You simply want some workouts and training that isn't boring and you think boxing would be an awesome way to get in shape.  If that's the case, then the second stream is for you:


Who It's For

  • check Absolute beginners who want to use boxing to get lean, build muscle, and transform their body
  • check Current boxers who need help with their conditioning to be faster and more powerful in the ring
  • check Trainers looking for a detailed, progressive curriculum to use in their own boxing or fitness clubs

What it Includes

  • check Step by step boxing training to learn the skills needed to train like a boxer
  • check Nutrition guidance using Precision Nutrition principles by a certified Precision Nutrition coach
  • check 84 days of progressive training designed to give you a boxer's body in the shortest amount of time possible

Why It Might Be For You

  • check You want a body with less fat and more muscle that you are happy with
  • check You want someone to mentor you and keep you on track to build a boxer's body
  • check You want the energy, stamina, endurance, strength, power, speed and confidence that comes with a boxer's body

Interactive Coaching and Mentorship

I take a bit of a different approach to coaching online than you might find in other clubs.

I figure if you don't learn any boxing skills or increase your level of conditioning and transform your body using Commando Boxing, then it's my fault - not yours. You're eager to learn, it's up to me to keep you motivated and on track...

But, I don't know what I don't know , so we need to interact.

That's why Commando Boxing is built around an interactive website and apps that lets me teach and guide you and lets you show and tell me how you're doing or ask questions without tying you to your computer all day.  After all, you need to be spending the majority of your time boxing or training to make any progress.  It's as close to a gym experience as I can make it online.

Over the next few days I'll introduce you to various features on the site that facilitate that interaction.

Methods, Equipment, and Time

Methods Used on Commando Boxing

Some of what I'll ask you to do will seem strange and stupid and have nothing to do with boxing. Put a little faith in the system and do them anyways. Your success depends on creating certain habits that complement what you're learning about boxing and the training you are doing.

The classes on Commando Boxing are setup in a manner that I can provide you with information in the form of video, text, and audio.  I'll point you towards any equipment or resources needed to be successful in the course.  And, there is a feedback loop built in to measure the outcome of what you learned.  

For example, in the boxing stream, today's lesson might be learning how to throw a jab.  You'll visit a page on the site that provides the theory, video demonstration and so on to help you understand the mechanics of throwing the punch.  After that, the move will be broken down into steps and you'll practice each step until proficient.  When ready, you put it all together and that skill now becomes something you'll need to practice over and over so it becomes muscle memory so it becomes a part of your training plan from that point forward.

At any of those stages of learning, it's possible that you pick up bad habits or aren't quite doing the move properly.  To help prevent that, Commando Boxing encourages the use of video coaching.  That's where you upload a video of yourself doing the move to the site and receive some constructive feedback as you progress.  This is part of the feedback loop described earlier.

Again - I've been doing this online since 2003.  Trust the methods and you'll reap the benefits.  Keep an open mind and be open to constructive feedback.

What Equipment Do You Need?

Yes, you will eventually need some. But, you will not need a lot and you will not need it right away.

As far as learning a new sport, boxing is cheap. You can start today and follow the system for quite a while before you're going to need to buy boxing gear. Eventually, though, be prepared to spend some money to equip yourself and build your gym or join a club to access the equipment.

I'll let you know when to start looking and guide you on what to buy when the time comes.  In fact, tomorrow's lesson covers the tools of the trade and will go into this in much more detail.  For now, all you need to do is consistently show up.

What Kind of Time Commitment is Required?

How much time you want to spend on Commando Boxing is up to you - lots to do here, but generally the classes and training are designed so that will need to spend 5-15 minutes every day on to go over your training for the day, print out the workout or download the mp3, and watch/read whatever video lessons you need to understand for that day's training. You will need to schedule another 30-90 min into your day to train.

Those are just general guidelines.  You may find yourself using the site more or less depending on how much interaction you want or need with me and others.

I know this might sound impossible right now given everything else you have to do in a day, but I'm confident we can work it into your schedule. We all have the same amount of time in a day and we all have things to do. If it's a priority, it fits. We'll talk more about your schedule in a couple days.

Now it's time to be honest...

I'm not interested in training you if you aren't committed to be here.  Like any coach in any boxing club, my time is limited and I want to spend it mentoring people that actually want to be mentored and succeed.

So let me ask you this - "Based on everything you know so far, on a scale of 1-10, how confident are you that you can login to daily and follow some simple instructions?" with 1 being not at all confident and 10 being very confident.

If you answered 9 or 10, then I'll be happy to keep showing you around the club.  You seem to have the right mindset to follow through with the system.

If you answered anything lower - do us both a favour and come back when you want this more so we don't waste each other's time.  I don't want either of us to be disappointed in your results.

Still Here?  Good - Let's Carry On With the Orientation...

Course Structure

Club Members

Welcome to the Club

The first time you walk into a boxing gym or fitness club you should receive a gym orientation. In this lesson, I welcome you to the club and start showing you around so that you get the most out of the club and are ready for any training you decide to take on Commando Boxing after that.

Club Members

Tools of the Trade

Just like a rock sculptor can't create magnificent statues without a rock chisel - you can't learn to box or sculpt a magnificent body using boxing without access to certain equipment.  Initially, we can make some good progress without equipment, but if you want a chiseled body and the boxing skills to go with it, you'll need some tools.

Club Members

The Truth About Time

When someone complains to me that he or she doesn't have enough time to train, prep meals or follow the program - it's not that he or she lacks time - it's that his or her desire to learn how to box really isn't a top priority. After all, if we all share the same 24 hour day, how is it that some busy people manage to fit in training, eating right, work and life, while others can't?

Club Members

Are You an Orthodox or Southpaw Boxer?

The concept and theory behind choosing to train orthodox or southpaw relates to your dominant hand which is where you carry most of your power. Those that hit harder and are more coordinated with the right hand should train orthodox. Those carrying their power in the left hand should consider a southpaw stance.

Club Members

How to Wrap Your Hands, Make a Fist, and Protect Yourself from Injury

Any sport where you hit something or someone or someone is hitting you has the potential to inflict injury. Nothing will derail your progress quite like an injury so be sure to read through this entire lesson and implement everything here to ensure you stay strong and healthy and limit set backs by hurting yourself.

Club Members

The Feedback Loop

Commando Boxing programs use results based coaching. It means that you start with a program and then it gets tailored to what you do as you progress based on the results you are achieving.