Commando Boxing Orientation

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About this course

This short course is to prepare you to get the most out of Commando Boxing.  There is a lot to do on Commando Boxing and this is your user guide to get you oriented to the club and off to the best start possible.

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Welcome to the Club

The first time you walk into a boxing gym or fitness club you should receive a gym orientation. In this lesson, I welcome you to the club and start showing you around so that you get the most out of the club and are ready for any training you decide to take on Commando Boxing after that.

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Tools of the Trade

Just like a rock sculptor can't create magnificent statues without a rock chisel - you can't learn to box or sculpt a magnificent body using boxing without access to certain equipment.  Initially, we can make some good progress without equipment, but if you want a chiseled body and the boxing skills to go with it, you'll need some tools.

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The Truth About Time

When someone complains to me that he or she doesn't have enough time to train, prep meals or follow the program - it's not that he or she lacks time - it's that his or her desire to learn how to box really isn't a top priority. After all, if we all share the same 24 hour day, how is it that some busy people manage to fit in training, eating right, work and life, while others can't?

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Are You an Orthodox or Southpaw Boxer?

The concept and theory behind choosing to train orthodox or southpaw relates to your dominant hand which is where you carry most of your power. Those that hit harder and are more coordinated with the right hand should train orthodox. Those carrying their power in the left hand should consider a southpaw stance.

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How to Wrap Your Hands, Make a Fist, and Protect Yourself from Injury

Any sport where you hit something or someone or someone is hitting you has the potential to inflict injury. Nothing will derail your progress quite like an injury so be sure to read through this entire lesson and implement everything here to ensure you stay strong and healthy and limit set backs by hurting yourself.

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The Feedback Loop

Commando Boxing programs use results based coaching. It means that you start with a program and then it gets tailored to what you do as you progress based on the results you are achieving.