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Holiday Boxing Gear Gift Guide


Whether it's Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or the Holiday season - all of that boxing gear you've been eyeing up all year round tends to become even more affordable. There are deals to be had if you know where to look - and I know where to look...

If you have a boxer or wannabe boxer on your list then look no further for ideas than the holiday boxing gift guide.

Let's get to those deals...


Boxing Stocking Stuffers

Forget about filling the stocking with candy and oranges this year. Boxers really want:

Gymboss Interval Timer

Gymboss miniMAX

Gymboss doesn't discount their products - ever - but this little timer is a boxer's best friend and super affordable even at regular price. Anyone doing any sort of interval training would love to see one of these little gadgets in their stocking this year.  Check out our full Gymboss Timer Review.

Survival Cross Ultimate Speed Rope

Boxers skip - and they can get pretty good at it seeing as they practice it every single practice. Give your boxer an edge with this rope designed for speed. Your boxer will be tearing it up and doing things he or she couldn't with a regular club rope. Double-unders, triple-unders, crossovers - this rope is built for them and fits nicely in a stocking.

Boxing Handwraps

Do everyone a favour and get your boxer a few extra pairs of hand wraps. Super cheap, they'll give that stocking some stuffing and your boxer won't cringe when he or she pulls out that stinky, sweaty pair that got stuffed into the gym bag after yesterday's training.

Boxing Speed Ball

These speed balls are similar to double end bags, but their smaller size and speed are great for developing hand-eye coordination and slip practice.  Features:

  • Improve reaction speed and hand eye coordination
  • Build quickness and agility while increasing stamina
  • The set comes with two brackets that you can attach to any place in your home or garage.
  • Length of elastic cord can reach up to 5 meters.
  • Boxing Reflex Ball

    Similar to the benefits provided by a boxing speed ball, but boxing reflex balls add an element of movement and portability into the equation.  Still great for hand-eye coordination and speed work.  Boxers like Lomachenko use boxing reflex balls to increase striking precision.

    Gifts for the Main Event

    The Aqua Training Bag

    If you haven't read my review yet - this bag is perfect for home and commercial gyms. It's by far the best bag I've ever hit. Use Commandoboxing as the discount code at checkout and you'll get 10% off.  Beginner or advanced, these bags are the best way to learn and train for boxing while minimizing chance of injury.  They have gym packages available as well.

    Rival Boxing Gloves

    Seriously - by far - the best quality, most functional and comfortable boxing gloves on the market.  If you have an aspiring boxer to buy for, they will definitely appreciate the quality of these gloves. Stop using the sweaty public gloves at the club - get your boxer a pair of their own that they will be proud to wear.

    TRX Suspension Training System

    Introducing the TRX Home 2 System

    The ultimate home gym in a bag. Suspension training works muscles you never knew you had and provides a great workout pretty much anywhere. It's a single training tool that can give you a full body workout at progressive intensities just by adjusting your body position to add or decrease resistance.  It develops strength throughout the whole range of movement and incorporates all of the adjacent stabilizer muscles that don't necessarily get worked when using traditional weights/machines.  The TRX forces you to to control and strengthen your body's stabilization muscles.

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