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Nutritional Supplements for Boxing

I inevitably get a lot of questions about nutritional supplements. Supplements for human performance is big business and supplements that might give someone an edge either in the ring or in the training and recovery while preparing to get in the ring are highly sought after.To get right to the point – a few (legal) […]

Injury Free Boxing Training

Boxing training is extremely rewarding. Hitting something over and over just feels really good – some days even more so than others… But, if you don’t take the proper precautions and use proper technique, you risk injuring yourself. An injury will instantly affect your training even if it is a small one. So, before you […]

Training the Boxer’s Mind

It is totally possible for you to train like a boxer and end up looking like a boxer – complete with six pack abs, zero fat, and lean muscle – but looking like a boxer and having the fitness level of a boxer will not automatically make you a great fighter.The really great boxers train […]

The Home Made Boxing Gym Guide

One of the things I love about boxing is how affordable it is to start. It lowers the barrier of entry and opens the door for people to choose learning how to box over learning how to do other sports.There are only a handful of sports where you, by yourself, can progress and learn skills […]

All You Need to Know About Boxing Gloves

You’re about to learn more about boxing gloves than you really need to know.Boxing gloves protect you and your opponent. The earliest form of boxing glove originated in Greece (cestus) and consisted of something meant to inflict pain and suffering rather than reduce it. It was basically leather straps that may or may not have […]

Tactical Principles of Boxing

One of the reasons I love boxing as much as I do is that it directly relates to my profession.Being in the military, a lot of the strategy and tactics that are relevant at work are also relevant in the ring.Once you step in the ring, the following tactical principles apply. They are not applied […]

The Art of Counter Punching

Let me tell you a story.There was a beginner boxer who walked into a gym one day.He was in fairly good shape but by no means the biggest guy in the gym.  Immediately upon entering he noticed this huge muscular boxer working over the heavy bag and instantly thought about turning around and walking out […]

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