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Top Twenty Boxing Websites


I like to think that Commando Boxing is the best of the boxing websites on the internet, but of course that would just be plain arrogant.

There are many boxing websites that are worthy of mention and a great place to spend some time, so here are my top twenty favorite boxing websites on the internet.

It's a hodge podge of different boxing categories, but I'm sure you'll get the jist.


  1. Commando Boxing - sorry had to do it.
  2. HBO Boxing - top notch commentary and fight breakdowns for all the top name fighters.
  3. Expert Boxing - Really good and detailed boxing training articles and videos.
  4. My Boxing Coach - Another good boxing training site - very knowledgeable and great teacher.
  5. Youtube - Do a Search for Boxing - video clips, fight clips, training clips, the works.
  6. Rossboxing - Ross has been around a long time and runs probably the best boxing training site available - something to aspire to.
  7. Eastside Boxing - Excellent content, original content, but the forums are a little less than helpful at times.
  8. Wikipedia - Boxing Biographies - wealth of information but tends to be quite general at times, but good place to begin for research.
  9. World Boxing Video Archive - pretty much any boxing fight you want is here.
  10. - boxing results and schedule for any match all over the world - indispensable
  11. - excellent site for it's coverage of the British boxing scene.
  12. Saddoboxing - design is bad, but content is good for the most part.  Can be a bit rough in the forums.
  13. FightNews - up to date and original content - US and Cdn sites.
  14. The Sweet Science - Excellent content on a higher level of thinking.  Definitely focuses on the science and philosophy aspect of boxing.
  15. Yahoo Sports Boxing - great for pictures and breaking news.
  16. ESPN Boxing - network - good articles and coverage.
  17. BBC Sports Boxing - like ESPN - good coverage and a few decent training articles/videos.
  18. Doghouse Boxing - another boxing news site - worth a look every now and again.
  19. Max Boxing - news site with video - requires a membership (heard it's good, don't know from experience).
  20. - not strictly boxing, but one of the biggest boxing/MMA forums/sites on the internet.
  21. TSN - hey - it's TSN.
  22. Aussiebox - Australian boxing scene.

I guess that was 22 boxing websites...Do you agree?  Anything else you'd add to this list?

About the Author Coach Aaron

Coach Aaron founded Commando Boxing in 2003. When he's not boxing, he's running ultramarathons or using data science/blockchains to create mixed reality HoloLens applications.