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Boxing Weight Classes


Boxing weight classes are a way of ensuring that boxers of similar size and weight are matched up.

While one can argue that a true champion would fight anyone, fighting within one's weight class makes for better fights.

Bigger boxers have more natural weight behind their punches. Heavyweights tend to inflict more knockouts but the fighters tend to be slower. Featherweights, on the other hand, are blindingly fast.

Dividing up boxing into weight classes helped to reduce the number of lop sided victories and the ability of boxers to pick on smaller opponents.


It is not uncommon for boxers to move into and out of weight classes. As they grow older, they could move from middleweight to light heavyweight in order to challenge themselves more or to take a title in two different weight classes. Nothing says one has to stay in one class for one's entire career. If one can add or lose the weight, one can fight in whatever class one wants.

What are the Boxing Weight Classes?

Boxing weight classes vary depending on whether one is talking about professional boxing or amateur boxing. The below charts will give you the upper and lower limits for amateurs and professionals.


Weight limit
(lb / kg)
200 / 90.7CruiserweightCruiserweightCruiserweightJunior heavyweightCruiserweight
175 / 79.4Light heavyweightLight heavyweightLight heavyweightLight heavyweightLight heavyweight
168 / 76.2Super middleweightSuper middleweightSuper middleweightSuper middleweightSuper middleweight
160 / 72.6MiddleweightMiddleweightMiddleweightMiddleweightMiddleweight
154 / 69.9Super welterweightSuper welterweightJunior middleweightJunior middleweightLight middleweight
147 / 66.7WelterweightWelterweightWelterweightWelterweightWelterweight
140 / 63.5Super lightweightSuper lightweightJunior welterweightJunior welterweightLight welterweight
135 / 61.2LightweightLightweightLightweightLightweightLightweight
130 / 59.0Super featherweightSuper featherweightJunior lightweightJunior lightweightSuper featherweight
126 / 57.2FeatherweightFeatherweightFeatherweightFeatherweightFeatherweight
122 / 55.3Super bantamweightSuper bantamweightJunior featherweightJunior featherweightSuper bantamweight
118 / 53.5BantamweightBantamweightBantamweightBantamweightBantamweight
115 / 52.2Super flyweightSuper flyweightJunior bantamweightJunior bantamweightSuper flyweight
112 / 50.8FlyweightFlyweightFlyweightFlyweightFlyweight
108 / 49.0Light flyweightLight flyweightJunior flyweightJunior flyweightLight flyweight
105 / 47.6MinimumweightStrawweightMini flyweightMini flyweightMinimumweight


Class nameWeight class limit (kg)
Men (old)Men (new)Women (old)Women (new)Junior
Super heavyweightUnlimitedUnlimited
Light heavyweight75–8175–8175–8175–8175–80
Light Middleweight66–70
Light welterweight60–6460–6460–6460–6460–63
Light Bantamweight50–52
Light flyweight46–4846–4946-4845-4846-48

Charts courtesy of Wikipedia.

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    wow this is so helpful thank you cause as soon as i turn 13 (3 months away) im going to be a feather weight boxer and between that time im going to have to build up my pain tolerance to be a absolute beast in the ring cause my punch force is about 266 pounds per square inch so in my eyes thats a pretty strong punh and im 6’1

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