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Boxing Training

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Prepare to Take Your First Step to Boxing Greatness...

Boxing is a mix of technical skill, grace, speed and aggression. When all of these things come together one is witness to a power and finesse that is incredibly awesome.

It all starts at the beginning though just like everything else. You must master the basics to become a great boxer. You must develop a great offense with a repertoire of punches, defense in the form of blocks, parries, slips and movement, counter moves, footwork, stances, guards and strategy tying it all together.

The boxing lessons provided here will consist of:

Sidenote: In addition to this site, there are a great number of books and other aids which will help you become a better boxer. The books recommended in the Commando Boxing store may help you get your head around some of the concepts. While not necessary, buying one or two of these suggested titles will probably help in your development until you can find a trainer or gym.

In warfare, doctrine is a formal set of tactics and strategies used by a military. If the analogy is extended to boxing then boxing doctrine is a club's formal set of tactics and strategies used in the combat sport of boxing. Unlike the military though in the sport of boxing there is no official agreed upon record or repository of boxing techniques and procedures and there is no process to keep that non-existent repository updated and relevant based on lessons identified and learned in the ring.

Every trainer, gym, club, association and boxing organization teaches boxing differently and it's likely based on the philosophy and experience of the most influential coach in the organization. Usually that coach imparts knowledge and trains his fighters in a way that is similar to the way he or she was taught - you teach what you know. Occasionally that coach will expand their breadth of knowledge through classes and coaching clinics to see what other coaches are doing and incorporate those techniques he or she considers beneficial into the training plans of their fighters. The best coaches do all of that and implement a form of testing to see what works and what doesn't in various situations and then updates their playbooks accordingly.

The lessons provided here are Commando Boxing's doctrine and specific tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). I'm laying out the Commando Boxing playbook for you to learn boxing the Commando Boxing way and because I'm working towards certification, is based on Canada's National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).

TTPs are derived from doctrine and over time TTPs can influence doctrine, but doctrine defines the fundamentals on which a fighter is built.

It is my hope that you and others will find Commando Boxing's boxing doctrine useful as your boxing foundation. I hope that the specific boxing tips and techniques provided are used to build on the foundation to build the next generation of boxers.