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Articles and training that will improve your conditioning to make you stronger, faster, and more powerful in the ring. We’ll burn off the fat and build the muscle to give you a boxer’s body.

A Matter of Habit

I want to introduce you to Bob and Jim (or Melanie and Stephanie for you gals out there).  Bob (Melanie) is that guy/gal we all aspire to be.  He’s built like a brick shit-house, ripped six-pack abs, highly successful, wealthy, has a huge social circle, crazy popular.  Jim (Stephanie), on the other hand, is more like most […]

Discover Why Boxers do Roadwork

Mention boxing to someone and they might think of a sweatsuit clad boxer doing early morning runs.Roadwork is the term used by boxers to describe the time spent pounding the pavement (running).  More and more frequently we are seeing articles reporting that running is more harmful than beneficial.  Some medical studies are suggesting that people running long […]

Your Rest and Recovery Plan

You only spend about 6.3% or 90min of your day training. Most of us spend the other 93.7% or 1350 minutes in some state of rest and recovery.Learning how to maximize that time for recovery is probably the least understood and least utilized way to enhance performance – which is funny because it’s also the […]

What’s Your Ideal Weight Class?

Is the boxing weight class you are currently in, the one you should be in?A few people have asked me if they are in the right weight class. So, here’s how you find out what your ideal natural weight class is.Boxers have pretty small amounts of body fat on their bodies. This makes perfect sense […]

Secrets of an Early Morning Routine

Every day starts the same at 0500hrs…A faint tune begins to play on the phone next to my bed – it’s soft enough not to inject adrenaline directly into my heart but loud enough that my brain registers that another morning has arrived.Bathed in the soft blue light of the screen, I clumsily reach over […]

What Are Your Limiting Factors?

Getting outstanding results in any boxing or fitness program means learning how to overcome any limiting factors in your life.Finding and removing the obstacles in your way makes your journey much quicker, more enjoyable and effective.Your top priority should be to identify anything that is holding you back so you can ruthlessly eliminate it.Doing that […]

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