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Boxing tips and techniques ranging from beginner to advanced that will help develop boxing skill and strategy. Sometimes it just takes one boxing tip or trick to turn a fight to your favour. Hopefully you’re able to add one or two of these boxing tips and techniques to your arsenal. Contact Coach Aaron if you have a boxing tip or technique that you think should be listed here.

Boxing Tip #19: How to See Punches

Dennis recently asked a question:Dennis recently asked a question: Is it possible to explain how the hand is quicker1 than the eye and how to deal with the punch you cannot see coming? Your defense must be good of course but how do you take advantage of this physiological fact? I assume that combinations and […]

Boxing Tip #15: Pre-Emption

To preempt someone is to forestall or prevent (something anticipated) by acting first.It is a mission verb used in combat to describe a situation where you attempt to launch an offensive effort before your opponent in order to seize and then maintain the initiative. You know your opponent is planning something, but you need to […]

Boxing Tip #14: Jab Fake

Similar to how I learned the Jab Tap, I learned this technique the hard way – glove to face in the ring.When I first started boxing, I tended to hold my hands just below eye level. That’s not necessarily a bad habit, but my trainer had a hay day with it.Similar to how I learned […]

Boxing Tip #11: Clinching

If you’ve watched a boxing match, then I’m 99% sure you’ve seen clinching in action. It happens in every fight and to someone who doesn’t know any better – it’s annoying as hell because it breaks up the action.Clinching is an essential part of your competitive game so if you’re aiming to become a competitive […]

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