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Training will only take you so far so fast. Combine it with good nutrition and you’ll accelerate your results. Fuel your body correctly and your performance will improve, energy levels will improve, and your general outlook on life will improve. Don’t limit your potential by not eating right.

Nutritional Supplements for Boxing

I inevitably get a lot of questions about nutritional supplements. Supplements for human performance is big business and supplements that might give someone an edge either in the ring or in the training and recovery while preparing to get in the ring are highly sought after.To get right to the point – a few (legal) […]

The Guinea Pig Diet

I’ll get to the guinea pigs in a minute but first I want to help you understand how similar you and I are.We’re built the same. We both have super small structures that work together as cells to form the various tissues and organ systems that make up our bodies, keep us healthy and performing […]

30 Day Paleo Boxing Challenge

A boxer’s quest for optimal performance never ends – and a huge part of that quest is maximizing the amount of power you can generate.Maximum power depends on muscle. It requires you to build the right kind and amount of muscle without exceeding your optimal weight limit and then training that muscle how to work […]

The Boxer’s Diet Quick Start Guide

Quite a few questions have been landing in my inbox lately asking what a boxer’s diet looks like. Questions like:What kinds and amounts of food should a boxer eat while training?What can I eat to increase my stamina and performance in the ring?Should I eat before training?How important is breakfast?What do I think of intermittent […]

Complete Guide to Greens Supplements

Greens supplements are becoming super popular and for good reason as far as supplements go.More and more often, you’ll encounter claims detailing how greens supplements are the answer to the chronic fruit and vegetable intake deficiency you have or are your answer to losing weight and better health. That sounds super appealing when it means […]

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